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for my interests and such, might try to blogpost or something talk about films n anime i enjoy.
playing cs2 right now, linked my steam >>25022 here if you wanna add me.
woke up an hour or 2 ago after a goodnight of shroomin.
i want to watch some anime, but im not sure what so instead ill watch some classic films until i decide.


File: 1708818105791.png (285.14 KB, 800x800, anzuhigh.png)

if you want to talk about movies with me feel free, im not social but i love talking to people about movies and shows, especially if they happen to enjoy the same kinda content. i have a letterboxd account under the same name as my steam i like making lists of my fav films.


watched a lot of love, death and robots https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9561862/episodes/?season=2
animated twilight zone/outer limits style anthology show.


what are your thoughts on the breakfast club? i consider it my all time favorite movie, and its honestly a little sad that most people only see it as a movie of teenage angst. it really has a lot to say…


The Breakfast Club is the movie I've seen the most times to where I don't want to watch it again because the characters started to feel like family and everything I wanted out of it got squeezed dry. I've always enjoyed "Spartan" movies, where the movie has one setting and is driven forward by character interaction, because I liked the simplicity of it and probably gave me an intimacy I couldn't get with other people and the Breakfast Club was a replacement for having friends pretty much. Out of all the movies to receive director's cuts the Breakfast Club never got one despite the negative existing for it, I reread multiple times about the deleted scenes which in summary were the dream sequence and scenes of Allison, this is the reason she has so little screen time in the released version, watching the deleted scenes that were released back in 2018 wouldn't have bloated the movie terribly for people who already like it. I also used to have a huge infatuation with Allison.


Maybe I don't remember it much but does it really have a lot to say? I think the main idea was mostly just that you don't know people and not even people know themselves most of the time and talking goes a long way


File: 1708984028462.png (10.44 KB, 505x150, bravo.png)

i love all of john hughes films, my fav of his is ferris buellers day off cause i thought itd be cool to have a friend like ferris. kinda like what >>25392
i saw an interesting documentary about his legacy.
today ive been watching retarded comedies.


File: 1709151312378.png (159.02 KB, 563x625, omoknife2face.png)

ive been sleeping a lot, soon im gonna get my new PC.
i watched this for the first time https://letterboxd.com/film/the-minus-man/
written and directed by the writer of blade runner (1982) Hampton Fancher has a similar dreamlike quality, creepy owen wilson was something i didnt know i wanted until i saw it. i dont wanna spoil it but i enjoyed the film.
its always nice to watch a film that i havent seen before, especially when i dont hate it.
watching confessions of a dangerous mind right now.


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File: 1709895078963-1.gif (489.86 KB, 499x428, puddingtime.gif)


File: 1709991762258.png (184.34 KB, 552x502, cssource popunk.png)

ive been so fucking out of it, sleeping a lot.
ordered a new monitor, still saving up for a 2nd PC.


File: 1710701281700.png (436.71 KB, 830x622, Jtgmasboy.png)

kind of a cult classic, at least in certain circles im gonna watch grandmas boy.
i remember the first time i saw this film i was taken aback
>wtf people get paid to play video games
i still think thatd be an ideal job possibly even a career.
anyway JT is funny.
>i am a robot

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