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Oekaki is back!!!
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1353688264648.jpg (478.65 KB, 1200x1600, IMG00296-20121121-1553.jpg)

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i decided to post some of my yn/2kki/.flow art
whats up


File: 1353688359382.jpg (403.02 KB, 1200x1600, IMG00297-20121121-1553.jpg)

mono eye sabi


File: 1353688435508.jpg (397.53 KB, 1200x1600, IMG00298-20121121-1553.jpg)



File: 1353688480116.jpg (430.06 KB, 1200x1600, IMG00294-20121121-1552.jpg)



File: 1353688674009.jpg (416.5 KB, 1200x1600, IMG00265-20121006-1557.jpg)


File: 1353688798701.png (628.62 KB, 800x800, aaahhh yes the dotflowtp.png)



File: 1353688915077.jpg (402.45 KB, 1200x1600, IMG00237-20120918-1623.jpg)


File: 1353689579718.png (321.45 KB, 804x1072, v2.png)


thats all for now!!!!!
i do take requests if you are interested, but it might take a while for me to draw it for you


it's like the first two were great but then something went wrong


thanks, i guess??
the first 3 are really new, most of the others are p. old
so i guess i improved??


Sorry to resurrect this thread, but I agree with canta. The art style leaves a lot to be desired and is just generally terrible. Please, please, please, just give up drawing.


Way to be a dick. People don't exactly start out as fucking Picasso, they grow and learn. Telling someone to "give up drawing" because they're not that great at it yet is fucking stupid. Plus, she mentioned that the first two drawing are her newest. She's improved a lot. She can definitely still improve but she shouldn't give up.
Polite sage. Sorry if you're not a girl, OP.


what's wrong with you? why would you tell someone to give up drawing?
fuck off and curl yourself up in a wooden tub until you die.

nevermore: you are definitely improving! keep at it!
but make sure to experiment, practice different poses, and try your best to use reference and ask for help from someone you feel is a bit more skilled than you are. Having someone redline your work can be really helpful.
also, this may sound bad
but sometimes tracing can be really helpful to get you used to the feeling of drawing something. I don't mean trace and post the work as 100 percent yours. I only mean to do it as practice. trace an image, then try to draw it without tracing.
That has helped me improve in the past when ive had difficulty just eyeing my reference image.


thanks you two!! i'm really trying to improve my work so thanks for the nice words and advice :)
i didnt even see that anons reply until today haha


File: 1356087344043.png (13.96 KB, 571x466, sabi wip.png)

wip of flower!effect sabi
done in about 10 mins on a school computer with a mouse
terrible quality sorry


File: 1356732741622.png (1.02 MB, 900x989, s,mile sabi sister.png)

christmas themed doodle-y scribble awww yisss


File: 1356732961383.png (200.54 KB, 800x989, aoijiru.png)

cripple-tan doodle


Mmm, your artwork is nice (yeah, it has some flaws, but you're learning (and you will never stop to) ), so continue; I want to know how will be ended/look like your artsyle in future.


thank you!! I have several yn related projects on the go right now so I will continue to upload!!


File: 1358510466131.png (2.73 KB, 206x144, mado pixel wip.png)

really lame mado pixel wip done with a mouse on a computer at school hehe


File: 1358531172075.jpg (74.85 KB, 600x800, BARIEq8CAAErn58.jpg)

I wanted to do a Sabi outfit redesign and then did tumbling doll, machine girl and viscera effects at the same time /(\^-^)


File: 1358531231541.jpg (80.32 KB, 600x800, BARIZ-9CEAIaZEe.jpg)

beauty youth monoko


File: 1358531312230.jpg (77.91 KB, 600x800, BARInH4CMAAVWZu.jpg)

Ib fanart???? idek i'll upload this here too


out of the three i've just uploaded, the sabi one is the newest and i think it's the best too?? idk, opinions?


Yeah, I think it probably is. I really like the Monoko, too.


thank you!! i like that one too but i kinda screwed up on the hands haha /(\^8^)


File: 1359719732034.png (56.6 KB, 209x108, 1358510466131.png)

update on the lame pixel wip
please dont hate me uboachan

spot the difference hehe


File: 1361816943430.png (645.09 KB, 844x1192, attractive_murderous_handy….png)



File: 1361817122330.png (454 KB, 884x1401, mado3.png)



File: 1361817601429.png (647.05 KB, 844x1192, softgrungesabi_png_by_ruby….png)



File: 1361817662890.jpg (122.66 KB, 507x918, BD4-Va9CIAAAxhD.jpg)

experimenting with a new style


Please keep posting these, they are awesome and they aren't simply chibi/cute versions of madot that are so common on these boards. I like your darker stuff, like your first and second drawings and the pixel art is great too. I love the flower one. Keep it up!


Thank you!! I don't really like drawing really girly-happy drawings that much ehe
But yeah, I'll keep uploading!


File: 1362059472957.png (1.82 MB, 507x918, 1361817662890.png)

*audible laughter*lazy colourjob at school…then i found this weird filter on the school drawing program…
neon effect get?


File: 1362999596464.png (14.22 KB, 556x483, pallette.png)

*tries to pretend this has anything to do with the games* *cant pretend by tom odell plays softly in bg*
drawing with a mouse is hard
drawing at school is hard


File: 1365614650159.png (1.58 MB, 960x1080, betsuuuu.png)

i haven't really done any yn art in a while….so have some oc instead


i saw the first drawing so i clicked it and oh my god
the smile drawing
your first two and the smile one are the best
the rest are kind of meh
but still
keep going
you're doing fine there kiddo


File: 1368359057145.gif (1.64 MB, 960x1080, manic.gif)

still no yn stuff…

lazy gif is lazy


File: 1370514980567.png (13.95 KB, 713x493, hhhhhh2.png)

so i have 2 different versions of this

really lazy mouse doodlings at skewl


File: 1370515004934.png (14.54 KB, 713x493, hhhhhh.png)



File: 1370516153929.png (14.01 KB, 667x518, wowzer.png)

too lazy to draw eyeballs; why nevermore draws eyepatches, gouged-eyes, and single eyes


File: 1370516241158.png (14.17 KB, 667x518, wowzer2.png)

eyes; done.


File: 1370538134588.gif (372.27 KB, 160x120, 1357178570949.gif)

First of all, her chest looks extremely flat because of the way you shaded it. Second of all, choose one direction that the light is coming from, and shade the darks in one direction. Don't be afraid to get significantly darker in some areas.


Thank you!! That's very helpful!
I'm really bad when it comes to pixeling lol


File: 1370600251917.png (20.85 KB, 949x572, pallette8.png)

yo what up!!!!!


File: 1370942889490.png (11.52 KB, 531x424, pallette11.png)

madotsuki at last!!
wowzers guys


File: 1370943770414.png (11.35 KB, 531x467, pallette9.png)

*guitar riff*


File: 1373450466266.png (9.36 KB, 290x309, madotsuki.png)

guess whos back w/ a brand new…madotsuki drawing

headcanon; mado likes die antwoord


File: 1381223792110.png (456.87 KB, 832x960, layla_by_ruby_fire-d6mfbpc.png)

extended absence!!!!!!!

this is one of my ocs


File: 1383508312804.png (607.38 KB, 1300x1500, trash.png)

hahahahahahh trash wip of some ocs
the ginger girl is my oc betsy who was used in post>>2104 hahahah


File: 1384642861318.png (1.76 MB, 1300x1500, betsy and fi bg.png)

gomen i forgot to update hahahhaahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahhahahah


File: 1385922308894.png (2.05 MB, 1300x1500, mado2.png)

i havent drawn mado in like 90 million years hahhhahah


File: 1385922505238.gif (2.49 MB, 1300x1500, mado1.gif)

it was just supposed to be a lil quick doodle but i accidentally coloured it and then turned it into a multi-bg gif oops


holy shit what improvement


im still trying to decipher if you mean this positively

but in the unlikely event that you do mean it positively then thank


File: 1387277445004.png (7.52 KB, 203x350, layla.png)

hahhahahahaha my computer is broke so i can only draw at school haha


File: 1387278198741.png (6.24 KB, 260x344, chi.png)

i drew chi for my friend who loves them


File: 1387288654832.jpg (8.38 KB, 160x160, 19377_322280559509_8148288….jpg)

Man you're really getting a kick out of this aren't you?


kick outta what? im hella dumb and you need to explain your insult to me


maybe it's in reference to how much you're laughing with "ha" in that post? i don't get it either.

while i'm here, your art is really good btw!


oh, right!! that would make sense heh

and thank you!


also since im on my ipod i have to link
i forgot to post this in this thread [nervous laughter]


File: 1387539492565.png (7.85 KB, 338x396, me.png)

i finally got around to rewatching ahs season 1


Burn your computer and cut off your hands


you are unnecessary
like even if you dont like their art how was that even called for


Merry Christmas to you too anon!!!!!!!!


File: 1392650869313.png (744.97 KB, 1300x1500, nora.png)

look at this fuckin nerd
shes my oc n shes garbage ghost girl


File: 1392650977511.png (1.27 MB, 1300x1500, yeeeee.png)

these infants
these god damn zombie killing infants


File: 1393184138665.png (30.21 KB, 200x600, yeeeeeee.png)

ha yeah its a serious drawing of course


File: 1403388574363.gif (621.89 KB, 600x550, yoooooo1.gif)

remember when i used to post stuff
yeah me neither

anyway these lovely ladies are my oc henriette (the tall gal in the 50s nurse's uniform) and my friend's oc london (the rainbow-haired "naked person" in censor-bar clothing)


File: 1403389592452.png (98.14 KB, 400x450, queen mado.png)

the pen pressure on my tablet isnt working :((


File: 1403391784843.png (327.67 KB, 1300x1500, emiko.png)

this is super duper old and every time i open it i just end up re-doing the face
but today i actually """"finished"""" it/gave up on it


File: 1404885942286.png (180.66 KB, 519x800, 20140709_070402.png)

I cant sleep


File: 1404887257969.png (163.86 KB, 520x900, 20140709_010147.png)

this is my oc abaddon hesper
hes captain of his high school's baseball team, he has a thing for ~*~*~*~the ladies~*~*~*~
he's a greaser and also probably a demon?? i mean, he sheds black feathers all the time which is not something that mortals tend to do.
also he has a twin brother called grigori who is less demonic and less athletic and less fun
he's from a thing im doing called huxley falls and everyone there is pretty weird
[the blonde girl in my last post is from it, she's called cassidy]
the chicken bones thing is an ongoing joke; each time the huxley hellraisers play a game, the supporters take animal bones to throw at the other team, and the further into the season they get, the bigger the animal

why am i writing so much oh my god this was a doodle i did at 1 in the morning jeez


File: 1410777121904.png (14.65 KB, 485x422, bleh.png)

i am at sixth form. godbless. here are my ocs.


This sounds really neat. I'm guessing it's going to be a comic?
Are you planning to post more of it? I'd like to see more.


File: 1411124438624.jpg (103.96 KB, 640x640, i_stole_this_trash_from_my….jpg)

yeah, hopefully!!
at the moment its mostly just the occasional sketch and a few short stories, but once I can draw the characters more consistently im thinking of doing a comic!!
the girls in >>3153 & >>3230 are ocs from the same thing


File: 1411384810099.png (10.26 KB, 267x302, bkles.png)

drawing demongirls makes me happy


File: 1424470106035.jpg (1.31 MB, 1903x1134, DSC_0020.jpg)


I've been developing the story from >>3154 quite a lot
This is one of the first scenes from it, in which Abaddon and Grigori (who are fallen angels because tbh that made more sense) fall to earth and the Sheriff's daughter Mallory finds them. Laughs ensue.

I have more


File: 1424470410720.jpg (1008 KB, 1350x1108, DSC_0018.jpg)

The Bloodthirsty Pilgrim is Huxley's resident serial killer and he has a lotta fangirls that are willing to be murdered by him
And he only kills at Thanksgiving
Which I guess some of the residents are thankful for


File: 1424470737920.jpg (1.09 MB, 1152x1479, DSC_0017.jpg)

Sheriff Gideon Cessair
He has one arm??? He cut it off when hallucinogens were put into the water and now he's like "???" when people ask him about it


File: 1424471038492.jpg (855.77 KB, 926x1365, DSC_0019.jpg)

Jacobi Cessair
Town founder & gardening-enthusiast ghost


File: 1424471410759.jpg (2.59 MB, 3104x1746, DSC_0025.JPG)

Doodling of baby Grigori on a table in my college's art classroom
He's an arsehole and he gets beaten up a lot


File: 1424627352581.jpg (888.81 KB, 867x1257, DSC_0090.jpg)



File: 1455821636067-0.png (148.4 KB, 800x600, yoongi_by_ruby_fire-d9cn5g….png)

File: 1455821636067-1.png (336.8 KB, 700x950, cassandra_w_palette_by_rub….png)

File: 1455821636067-2.png (588.47 KB, 700x700, spook_by_ruby_fire-d9epwwz.png)

File: 1455821636067-3.png (417.75 KB, 800x900, abaddon_by_ruby_fire-d9ee1….png)

hey its been a while since i posted here. i havent really done any yn related stuff in a while but, heres some of my recent stuff; i had to save them from my dA since i recently switched to a new laptop but anyway
1) a drawing of min yoongi/suga from bangtan that i did as a practice of capturing likeness
2) my oc cassandra and her colour palette, done as a reference for her profile
3) a self portrait
4) a more deveoped portrait of my oc abaddon (drawn in these pics >>3154
>>3586 )


File: 1455821929549-0.png (322.77 KB, 700x700, g__hesper_by_ruby_fire-d9d….png)

File: 1455821929549-1.png (272.39 KB, 700x950, maria_for_littlemissfatcat….png)

more nonsense drawings!!
1) my oc grigori (>>3590) since i needed to do an updated drawing of him: this art style is for my quicker pieces, not the more lifelike/detailed ones
2) this is a gift for my friend of one of her ocs, she asked me about my commission prices and i offered to do it for free since were so close haha


This thread is super interesting to read, considering it's 3, going on 4 years old. You can really see your progress in art (and growth as a person, subtly and physically- it's pretty evident you were underage but not anymore) as the posts get newer.

Cool shit OP, don't stop posting.


Yeah I was like 15 (I think??) when I started posting here. I will probably update as and when I can but most of my work is stuff I'm turning in for a grade atm haha


File: 1463945920997.jpg (87.83 KB, 539x960, wtf.jpg)

>the third picture

Is this you?

great art btw


Ah, no, that's not me! She's pretty though!


File: 1464466052100.png (143.27 KB, 440x421, xzossobspgcdolgd2.png)

Another self portrait (I swear I'm not vain!!) for a thing I'm doing with my friends



oh,sorry for asking :D
Just looked very similar to your portrait.
But I bet you look beautiful too ˘_^


File: 1466708844464.png (184.83 KB, 490x450, shiiiizzzzzaaaaaa.png)

A lil drawing of Caesar that I did for fun, since I haven't done any art in a while.


File: 1466787868835.png (68.79 KB, 387x527, s.png)

More JJBA; this time, a WIP of Jonathan. I drew this sketch in like 2 minutes w/o a pose reference…apparently drawing buff dudes is one of my latent skills?


How even

The proportions are fantastic, I wish I could draw body shapes and poses well. Good job! And the rest of your art looks lovely as well


File: 1466791748119.png (345.49 KB, 700x950, f.png)

Ah, thank you so much!! And I literally have no idea how I managed it either haha
(pic is updated W.I.P)


File: 1466804996200.png (1008.34 KB, 700x950, buff marshmallow.png)

It's finished! This is only my third (I think) attempt at a lineart-less drawing, so tell me what you think!! icantbelieveispentsixhoursonthis–


Good work on his arm muscles and face!






Thank you both so much!!



great job man

Tho the crotch should be bigger ;););)

But its amazing <3


I'll keep that in mind for the next time I draw JJBA fanart lol
Thank you so much tho



no problemo


File: 1466877449654.png (494.08 KB, 700x850, jackson.png)

A quick drawing of Jackson Wang from GOT7 that I did for an art trade with a friend! I only spent about an hour and a half on this so I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out haha…I think I'm getting better at capturing likeness.


File: 1466879888429.png (203 KB, 450x400, smol laur.png)

Small and cute chibi portrait of one of my friends!


File: 1467666928416.png (525.14 KB, 700x950, starplat.png)

I have made a Grave Mistake™
Stop me from drawing JJBA, plEASE


File: 1468429415776.png (661.27 KB, 700x950, blleh.png)

I'm having pretty severe art block at the moment so I did a quick doodle of my OC Cassidy to try and force myself through it. I don't usually use the marker tool, lol, I don't think I'll be using it again for a while


File: 1468793924333.jpg (52.09 KB, 960x540, 13694999_1281130515238278_….jpg)

A W.I.P/sketch/doodle of some JJBA Vento Aureo nonsense that my friend and I thought would be hilarious— Sorry for the poor image quality, I have shitty lighting in my room right now lmao
When I've finished the trad. sketch, I'll probably fix the anatomy and line&colour digitally. If anyone can identify the source for the pose/expressions, you get 10 points for your respective Hogwarts house. (Also can you guess which member of Buccellati's gang is my favourite lmao)


File: 1469556709519-0.jpg (131.87 KB, 822x960, 13652832_1288217724529557_….jpg)

File: 1469556709519-1.jpg (357.16 KB, 1746x1985, 13844064_1288219111196085_….jpg)

I got a new sketchbook today, so I doodled my two best sons as quick warmup sketches. They took about five minutes each because they are both tiny and I am lazy when it comes to non-paint traditional colouring lmao


File: 1469743883697-0.png (840.89 KB, 700x950, mitzy1.png)

File: 1469743883697-1.png (854.34 KB, 700x950, mitzy2.png)

I drew my friend's OC! All her characters have the cutest designs hah-
I did this in about 3hr with no breaks and now my hand is cramping lol


File: 1469746203266.png (20.43 KB, 599x427, black no.1.png)

I'm a serious artist.

I drew this as: 1) a joke; 2) a practice of drawing Narancia, since I want to be able to draw Buccellati's gang in a consistent style, and currently I can only draw Abbacchio lmao


File: 1470348433479.png (346.8 KB, 550x1100, abbacchio.png)

Abbacchio!!! This was part of a larger drawing I did but this was my favourite part lol. This was an experiment with a different way of colouring & lineart and I'm pretty pleased with it.


File: 1470351555911.png (31.22 KB, 377x580, abbacchio2.png)

More Abbacchio…this time a dumb, quick mspaint drawing of him…


File: 1470764703409-0.png (178.21 KB, 450x950, abba front.png)

File: 1470764703409-1.png (527.94 KB, 700x950, abba back.png)

Serious art, as per usual. 90% of my cart on dollskill is just stuff I want to draw Passione in lmao


File: 1470778378733.png (41.67 KB, 779x580, bruno.png)

I have no caption for this.


File: 1470938208557.png (254.67 KB, 700x950, trish outfit.png)

More experimentation with lineless art, more VA characters dressed in clothes from dollskill. This time, it's my beautiful daughter Trish.


File: 1471077550663.png (453.19 KB, 1100x1150, standswap.png)

My designs for Abbacchio and Moody Blues for the standswap event on tumblr!
I cycled through about 20 names for stand!Abba (including the Actual pop group ABBA) before picking one of my favourite goth bands…
Moody Blues always looked to me like he was wearing a cross between a nun’s habit and a wetsuit (yknow, for when they need to go………nunderwater) so I’m pretty proud of his weird 80s design lol…I really love Abba’s design tho I’m super proud of it.

Anyway, M.B. is the quiet type; he doesn’t talk much and he’s pretty calm and collected. He’s also got a talent for impressions, and he’s that friend that remembers all your embarrassing moments and accidentally brings up that one time you fell into a trashcan when you tripped over at school.
Killing Joke’s power is manipulation - he can make people do things that they don’t want to & it becomes more effective the less the subject wants to do the thing. He’s also really strong and good at punching things, which is the ability he is primarily used for lmao

Anyway I drew this in about an hour at 7am after a night of no sleep but I'm still pretty stoked with how it turned out lol


File: 1471282690568-0.gif (5.51 KB, 45x84, smol bruno2.gif)

File: 1471282690568-1.gif (5.51 KB, 45x84, tiny abbacchio2.gif)

Tried my hand at pixelling again…made some Hot Topic Mafia Dads
(first attempt at pixelling was >>1943 lmao)


File: 1472649287860.png (399 KB, 700x950, abba semirealism.png)

First semirealism practice in a while! Just a quick, 10 minute sketch to get back into the habit lol


File: 1475786958241-0.jpg (130.58 KB, 524x1200, DSC_0037 (1)11.jpg)

File: 1475786958241-1.jpg (103.24 KB, 700x669, DSC_0040 (1)11.jpg)

File: 1475786958241-2.jpg (156.54 KB, 591x1000, DSC_0038 (1)1.jpg)

File: 1475786958241-3.jpg (175.79 KB, 900x1177, DSC_01071 4.jpg)

Art school is lots of fun and I do a lot of serious work…along with garbage 10-15 min doodles while I'm in lectures LOL
So here's a bunch of my fav white haired JJBA boy (for my dailyleoneabbacchio blog), plus one of my 2nd fav white haired JJBA boy, and my OC Abaddon!


File: 1475787053014.jpg (233.67 KB, 900x1037, DSC_0042 4.jpg)

The Polnareff didn't post LOL…here he is.


File: 1476217288906.jpg (118.21 KB, 529x1000, mado.jpg)

Can you guys believe I actually drew a Mado for the first time in, like, 400 years?


File: 1476385784054.jpg (293.82 KB, 1183x1599, 345.jpg)

This is one of my project outcomes for my art course (I have about 7 in total so far?). This was for a fashion/textiles project and I'm more into conceptual textiles so it was fun to try something new!


File: 1476617725456.png (246.72 KB, 500x522, hey__.png)


File: 1477943879054.jpg (169.68 KB, 700x1024, this is the most goth art ….jpg)

This is about 2 or 3 weeks old now, I think? I forgot to post it here WHOOPS. Also Happy Halloween


File: 1478112057175.jpg (283.8 KB, 853x1280, tumblr_og0oroPJ7z1vcz3xvo1….jpg)

"When all the stars are falling down
Into the sea and on the ground,
And angry voices carry on the wind,
A beam of light will fill your head
And you'll remember what's been said
By all the good men this world's ever known."

More of the same.


These would make awesome band posters.


Thanks dude! I've been thinking about opening up commissions recently so reading something like this really boosted my confidence :)


Oh cool, let me know how it turns out!


File: 1478810989324-0.jpg (2.43 MB, 2040x1578, DSC_0005_20161110204708289.jpg)

File: 1478810989324-1.png (210.42 KB, 875x625, 78cadfcdb9eb5a76817a779ad0….png)

Quick redraw (abt 35 minutes in total) of an old piece of mine, which took me about 2hrs back in the day……..lmao
Nov. 2016 VS July 2011


File: 1479150576759.jpg (267.89 KB, 467x1280, tumblr_ogmt8jHapN1qip9w1o1….jpg)

My (super affordable!) commission prices for anyone who might be interested!


I don't think your art is sufficient to be payed for yet. Also, the prices are hard to read.


People can decide for themselves whether or not they want to pay for ops art.


Yeah, I don't think my art is super great either, but I need the money and am in full-time education so I don't have the time necessary to work a formal job; that's part of the reason I priced them so cheaply (£5-15), since I wouldn't want people to pay a lot of money for mediocre work LOL



People can also express opinions on the value of what they see. This is, you know, a public board.


I didn't say that people couldn't express their opinions on my art, I was just explaining my situation to the previous poster so they know why I've opened commissions! I didn't intend for what I wrote to come across as malicious, I was actually agreeing with the prev. poster that my art isn't all that great.


NVM I just realised you were replying to someone else and not to me LOL………I'm an idiot


I wish you the best of luck. Is sport betting legal in your country? Then you might be interested in arbitrage betting. If you're good or have a program or something to fetch the odds for you you might make a solid $200 a month extra.

I've decided that they're not sufficient yet. For me at least.


Hey, that was a good Moody Blues song.


Betting is legal in my country, but since people in my immediate family have severe gambling/betting problems that they're trying to recover from, it's not really a viable option for me at the moment since I'd rather not exacerbate the problem! Thank you for the suggestion though!


File: 1480870911151.jpg (422.04 KB, 995x1485, SG300 2nd F16120113450_000….jpg)

Doodled a GioGio


File: 1484162652318-0.jpg (139.6 KB, 600x883, DSC_0103111.jpg)

File: 1484162652318-1.jpg (115.58 KB, 600x903, DSC_010111.jpg)

File: 1484162652318-2.jpg (112 KB, 600x905, DSC_009911.jpg)

File: 1484162652318-3.jpg (90.32 KB, 600x883, DSC_009511.jpg)

A couple of sketchbook pages from my last college project.



Point out how the fruit was actually a psilocybin mushroom.


File: 1484271233974-0.png (553.5 KB, 564x424, Forbidden fruit.png)

File: 1484271233974-1.png (296.13 KB, 400x269, Jesus with Amanita legs.png)

File: 1484271233974-2.png (486.84 KB, 389x444, The Canturbury Psalter, 11….png)

forgot pics


Amanitas cannot into psilocybin silly.

'sides, that's more because some folks got high on amanitas, it blew their minds, and they were like "oh, this *MUST* be the forbidden fruit! it only makes sense!"

Fact is, descriptions and original translations link it closer to an apple or pomegranate. Apple stems from a clever pun; in latin the word for apple and evil are the same with slightly different accent (mălum vs mālum). Pomegranates stem from being used in Roman and Greek myths as being associated with knowledge of the underworld / hell.


From my understanding, pomegranates were always associated with fertility, not the underworld. Where are you getting this from? Not being a dick or anything, genuinely curious.



The King James Version–at least my Norton critical study edition–only refers to it as a fruit. Doesn't describe it in any detail or hint that it's an apple.

Interested in knowing which translations describe it as such. Especially since it always seemed pretty clear that the snake + fruit was more a reference/plagiarized from Gilgamesh (in particular the serpant who steals the fruit of eternal l ife)


File: 1484368879703.jpg (52.51 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault.jpg)

The text only describes it as a fruit. Specifically, the fruit of the tree of knowledge (עֵץ הַדַּעַת טוֹב וָרָע in Hebrew)

Which fruit exactly it was… imo, it's metaphorical and thusly does not exist. Most Western branches of Christianity portray it as an apple, again most likely stemming from the "evil - apple" coincidence in Latin (the Latin word from apple was actually a Greek loanword). Catholicism further entrenches that notion, as their canon bible is the Vulgate, a Latin translation originating back in the 300s AD or so. Genesis 2:17 - "de ligno autem scientiae boni et mali ne comedas in quocumque enim die comederis ex eo morte morieris" "mali" in this case could be "bad" or "apple". Or maybe.. bad apple? ;3

Hades introduced Persephone to pomegranate in Greek mythology. This brought knowledge of pomegranates to the mortal realm, but because she had knowledge of fruit from the underworld, she was forced to spend time every year there as such knowledge was forbidden.



All that stuff about pomegranates as a symbol of female fertility as well as death/the underworld are things I've already found and am exploring in my work. I the same with the Biblical ambiguities as to what the "fruit" actually is; it is something borne from a tree, rather than a vine, a bush, or within the earth…..

Anyway, could you stop debating theology on my art thread lmao….I'm just keeping it as a place where I can chronicle all of my art work for the time being…Thanks for the renewed interest, I guess?


File: 1484434054513.png (234.18 KB, 700x900, bad seed.png)

Stand OC from the bd/daily JJBA ocswap event over on tumblr.


File: 1485633587937.png (3.08 MB, 2000x2600, img_12.png)

WIP of one of my final piece illustrations for my current fashion project. The image itself is actually done, but I won't post it until the project is graded cus I'm paranoid LOL


File: 1486070279409-0.jpg (Spoiler Image, 204 KB, 807x1289, DSC_1081.jpg)

File: 1486070279409-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.01 KB, 831x1268, DSC_1076.jpg)

File: 1486070279409-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 92.96 KB, 548x951, DSC_1053.jpg)

Some NSFW stuff from a thread on /i/…I really love drawing girls…
Also apparently someone on reddit stole the unsigned image on this post from the place I originally posted it, so keep an eye out for anyone stealing my stuff LOL

Reposting since I realise I probably should've spoiler'd the images


File: 1486076870318.jpg (185 KB, 853x1105, DSC_1091.jpg)

Drew myself again


File: 1488242986791.jpg (863.43 KB, 2031x2828, DSC_1536.jpg)

A2 size, coloured pencil observational drawing I was working on this afternoon…1½hr spent on it and it's still a WIP


Looks like that study is coming up nicely!


File: 1489097805818.png (1.69 MB, 1442x2000, sketchyyyy.png)

Practising some quick 5-10 minute fashion illustrations to get back into the swing of things! Philipp Plein's FW17 RTW collection is AMAZING


File: 1490740508242-0.png (Spoiler Image, 958.27 KB, 1498x2058, sp ice cream.png)

File: 1490740508242-1.png (Spoiler Image, 589.31 KB, 1329x1981, polnsfw.png)

Some Polnareffs that I drew for one of my friends! We're in an art trade war ATM where we're drawing each other's JJBA Husbandos in increasingly risque poses and situations.


File: 1490909562436-0.jpg (247.68 KB, 902x1536, DSC_2017.jpg)

File: 1490909562436-1.jpg (362.63 KB, 1154x1473, DSC_2011.jpg)

Abaddon and Cassidy!! it's been a while since i drew them :0


File: 1490909721060-0.jpg (218.6 KB, 789x1218, DSC_1992.jpg)

File: 1490909721060-1.png (1.43 MB, 1088x1370, limo.png)

File: 1490909721060-2.jpg (263.59 KB, 1254x995, DSC_2028.jpg)

More OCs!! These are the Limonati twins, Conrado (Conni) and Viola (Vi). They're 19 years old and work as torturers for the mafia. It's not a job they really wanted to do, but they were kind of forced into while trying to work off their mother's debt to the mob.
Viola is naturally blonde (as is Conrado), but she dyes her hair indigo, and Conrado has a minor fear of blood after watching 'Non Si Sevizia un Paperino' when the twins were 11.


File: 1491159318240-0.png (426.48 KB, 1280x1024, tumblr_onsd0owSBA1w9ch5mo1….png)

File: 1491159318240-1.png (524.19 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_onsd0owSBA1w9ch5mo2….png)

Conrado (>>4378) using his stand Soft Parade (a slime-like suit that makes solid objects permeable) at work, and at home (to mess with Viola).
In case you were wondering, Bad Seed (>>4330)is Viola's stand.
I started a blog for the Limonatis if you want to know more about them. https://sevizialimonatis.tumblr.com/


File: 1491498108220.jpg (380.79 KB, 1014x1368, DSC_0014.jpg)

I took a break from embroidering for a couple of minutes and sketched & watercoloured this Diavolo. It's still a W.I.P, since I need to work into some of the colours & blending, add in his tattoos, and clean up some areas


File: 1492031811328-0.png (582.97 KB, 1225x2000, mara and elspeth.png)

File: 1492031811329-1.png (488.05 KB, 1242x707, johnny and elian.png)

Image 1: Quick sketch of my OCs Marigold "Mara" Milton (black hair) and Elspeth "Elsie" Corvus (blonde hair). They're girlfriends and they attend Catholic school and hunt demons with their friends Johnny Rowe and Elian St Martine.

Mara is half-Thai, has 3 older brothers, and used to train in ballet.
Elsie was raised by her older sister (who is actually her mom), is narcoleptic, and is the captain of the field hockey team.

Image 2: Johnny and Elian, the other half of Mara and Elsie's team.
Johnny is both the youngest (16, 4 months younger than Mara) and the tallest of the group. He's mixed race (black & latinx) and he lives with his grandmother Nancy. His prized possession is a leather jacket that used to belong to his grandfather, he wields a switchblade, and his hair is dreadlocked on top & tied back but shaved on the sides (it's been a while since he last had a haircut tho so it's growing out a little bit). He and Mara are childhood friends and she mothers the hell out of him. Also his parents work as a travel journalist (mom) and photographer (dad) so they're abroad a lot, hence why he lives with Nancy.

Elian is genderfluid (typically "they/their" pronouns) and the Oldest™ of the group. They're a senior and they work as a DJ on weekends. They really like theatrical makeup. They're also bilingual, since their mother is Dutch, and they know sign language also.


This thread is a good example of how you shouldn't give up drawing… starts out kinda shaky and then improves a lot!

Good job op and keep going!


File: 1492205073591.png (2.67 MB, 2000x2600, img 1.png)

Thank you!! I started this thread 4/5 years ago when I was doing my first year of GCSE art…since then, I've gotten 2 GCSEs in art, an A-Level, and am currently on a foundation-level course, aiming to attend an art university and get a degree in fashion design and communication! I'm really glad I have a thread like this, that's been going for so long and can keep track of my development as an artist!

Pic is the finished version of >>4336 since that project deadline has passed and it's been graded LOL


File: 1492205239734.png (882.66 KB, 2000x2000, vi vi vi (vi vi).png)

More pose practice, more angle practice, more Viola ( >>4378 )


File: 1492288927971-0.png (517.62 KB, 900x1151, trish colours.png)

File: 1492288927971-1.png (465.93 KB, 900x1151, trish.png)

Doodled a Trish and decided to try out a new colouring style for quick sketches


File: 1492700285749.png (539.84 KB, 1000x1000, it me.png)

Doodled a self-portrait


File: 1494875064475.jpg (83.49 KB, 500x633, vince.jpg)

I have bad taste in otomes.


File: 1497049440834-0.png (325.8 KB, 900x750, cas per.png)

File: 1497049440834-1.png (301.84 KB, 750x750, cass!.png)

File: 1497049440834-2.png (379.28 KB, 750x750, guitarboyo.png)

OC doodle dump… Cassidy and Abaddon


File: 1497049554111.png (1.62 MB, 1500x1500, formalwear.png)

Viola and Conrado in formalwear. Vi's dress is inspired by Elie Saab FW16, Conni's is inspired by Valentino FW16!


File: 1497052258847.png (Spoiler Image, 268.14 KB, 560x697, cass practice.png)

doodle-y anatomy practice ft. Cassidy!


File: 1497056841154-0.png (241.71 KB, 750x750, awl moi loife.png)

File: 1497056841154-1.png (239.3 KB, 750x750, russ and del.png)

File: 1497056841154-2.png (368.61 KB, 750x750, sweet pasta wife.png)

File: 1497056841154-3.png (295.93 KB, 750x750, the b a t h .png)

Gorillaz doodles for my friend…Russ was the most fun to draw!


File: 1497137279173-0.png (Spoiler Image, 255.4 KB, 750x750, sweet_boy.png)

File: 1497137279173-1.png (Spoiler Image, 296.84 KB, 961x707, cass_and_abaddon.png)

First image is SFW, but I didn't wanna do multiple posts LMAO
The first is a portrait doodle of Abaddon, the second is anatomy & skin painting practice featuring Abaddon and Cassidy. I've been on a real OC kick lately LMAO


Does the girl with eyes on her body see separate images or does her brain form all the data into a single image like a deformed spider?


Only the three eyes on her face are functional, so her vision isn't too distorted or difficult to process. The rest of the eyes are nonfunctional and are more like growths; they only tend to be in the same place for a couple of days before they sink back into the skin and reappear somewhere else.


File: 1498225323400-0.png (424.09 KB, 1000x1000, saffron.png)

File: 1498225323400-1.png (319.79 KB, 750x750, samuel.png)

File: 1498225323401-2.png (241.1 KB, 635x750, mal.png)

2 OCs from 2011/2012 that I decided to redesign, + a very pastel Mallory ( >>3230 ) since I rarely draw her in comparison to my other Huxley Falls OCs, Cassidy & Abaddon…I need to draw Grigori again soon, it's been TOO LONG since I drew my awful sweatervest-loving boy


File: 1498897191271-0.png (113.21 KB, 362x653, cass_fashion_1.png)

File: 1498897191271-1.png (140.02 KB, 366x644, cass_fashion_2.png)

I wanted to get some more fashion illustration practice in! I made some outfits on polyvore and then drew Cass wearing them :0c


File: 1500246605148.png (472.38 KB, 701x750, trevor belmont.png)

I have nothing to say about this…watch Castlevania on Netflix.


File: 1500328528483-0.png (459.68 KB, 750x750, alucard.png)

File: 1500328528483-1.png (243.42 KB, 750x750, plain bg alucard.png)

OK but seriously watch Castlevania on Netflix (I couldn't decide whether I liked the plain BG or the clouds & overlay version best).


File: 1500414873127.png (269.52 KB, 750x750, abaddon redraw.png)

I redrew my first ever Abaddon!! >>3154
3 years makes a hell of a lot of difference :0c


File: 1500665089775.png (533.22 KB, 750x750, sypha.png)

Sypha Belnades! Third of the 2017 Castlevania trio ( *• ω• )b


File: 1501361492828.png (258.14 KB, 750x750, ham palette.png)

Palette challenge doodle ft. Prosciutto


File: 1502145175031-0.png (432.47 KB, 800x850, abbacchio 1 year anniversa….png)

File: 1502145175031-1.png (272.49 KB, 500x702, diavolo wip.png)

File: 1502145175031-2.png (421.94 KB, 750x750, vanderwood.png)

Doodle dump!
A little something for my ask blog's anniversary, a quick Diavolo from before I went on vacation last week, and a drawing of MysMe's Vanderwood with some weird colour choices.


This ones nice, you should do more with restricted palettes.


Thank you! I really like doing the palette challenges. I actually have some more from the same day as that one, but I never posted them since I was experimenting with art styles and didn't like the way they turned out as much as I liked that one.


File: 1502564935238-0.png (149.92 KB, 750x750, limited palette self portr….png)

File: 1502564935238-1.png (29.79 KB, 392x396, goth mom.png)

Quick and lazy self portraits!
The first one is a semi-realism (verging on realism) WIP that I'm going to continue working on (and neaten up) later. The 2nd was made as an icon for my discord.


i like the second one


File: 1503183110453.png (159.98 KB, 750x750, crys fullbody.png)

Drew a fullbody reference for an OC of mine

>>4524 Thanks anon :)


File: 1503528860062-0.png (200.71 KB, 581x738, grig fashion 1.png)

File: 1503528860062-1.png (261.83 KB, 625x750, grig fashion 2.png)

Did some more of this >>4449, this time featuring my oc Grigori! It's been a long time since I drew him.


He looks good in glasses.

Really like your work in the Castlevania posts >>4452 >>4457 >>4494


File: 1503782559008.png (333.32 KB, 800x531, grig and abaddon age 12.png)

Quick sketchy doodle, a redraw of >>3586 of sorts…with added Grigori because I don't draw him much LOL

>>4534 Thank you! I'm actually still really proud of those Castlevania drawings LOL


File: 1504478243198.png (221.78 KB, 496x639, layla doodle.png)

Quick & conceptual sketch for a redesign of an old OC, Layla! I wanted to make her design fit more closely to
1) my preferred aesthetic
2) her characterisation & backstory


That is seriously my favorite version of her that you have made. Also, the colours go nicer with each other than in some other images of her. I still like her simpler design and braids in >>2603 too.


File: 1506459604033-0.png (153.53 KB, 581x484, isolde.png)

File: 1506459604033-1.png (378.32 KB, 701x704, traditional tat abba.png)

A couple of doodles from the past week spent settling into my new apartment!
My MC/apprentice from The Arcana by NixHydra, and a traditional tattoo-inspired drawing of Abbacchio I did to cheer myself up whilst I was sick this weekend.


File: 1508719316300-0.jpg (174.4 KB, 1080x1080, 22638939_138474880122187_9….jpg)

File: 1508719316300-1.png (990.71 KB, 750x750, influence map.png)

File: 1508719316300-2.png (291.3 KB, 750x750, lucrezia.png)

File: 1508719316300-3.png (210.37 KB, 442x674, mara on roof.png)

A quick art vs artist post that I made for my instagram/digital portfolio (sepulchre.fashion for anyone interested!), and influence map, and a couple of sketches.


File: 1509008169358-0.jpg (375.37 KB, 1376x1902, IMG_4747.jpg)

File: 1509008169358-1.jpg (331.88 KB, 1894x1262, IMG_4735.jpg)

File: 1509008169358-2.jpg (251.21 KB, 1518x1012, IMG_4740.jpg)

File: 1509008169358-3.jpg (347.59 KB, 1768x1179, IMG_4761.jpg)

Not what I usually post, but I had a photography lighting workshop yesterday, and these are some of the photos that I took and really liked the way they turned out.


File: 1509745306932-0.png (123.14 KB, 293x805, abba in my outfit.png)

File: 1509745306932-1.png (391.34 KB, 633x633, prombe fin.png)

File: 1509745306932-2.png (132.47 KB, 572x717, its me.png)

Some stuff
1) my outfit from today was pretty cute so I doodled Abbacchio wearing it.
2) Awkward prom picture of Crystal ( >>4531 ) and her bf that I sketched as a goof for a friend and then ended up finishing
3) Old-ish doodle of me.


File: 1511746329529-0.png (354.11 KB, 1326x998, jack n wuya.png)

File: 1511746329529-1.png (296.97 KB, 1326x998, kimi.png)

File: 1511746329529-2.png (428.61 KB, 750x750, balmain abba.png)

I've been on a real XS kick lately so here are some shitty <5min mspaint doodles, plus a Balmain-inspired Abbacchio from about a fortnight ago.


File: 1513086658330-0.png (186.04 KB, 551x750, lukas young.png)

File: 1513086658330-1.png (118.66 KB, 424x750, fashion otome mc.png)

Two character design concepts for a project that my friend and I created.


It's shit. Why does your friend draw niggers?


Want to explain why uboachan is suddenly full of dumbass 4channers who refuse to lurk?


Yeah i'm wondering why there's a sudden influx of frogs as well. At least the newfriends earlier this year weren't outright shitposters.
We should take this into /sugg/ by the way.


In my friend's defence, I'm actually the shit artist that drew him 😊


File: 1513673585062.jpg (177.89 KB, 700x862, 1505079275957.jpg)

to be fair, I kind of agree with him on this. Your art kind of looks like what I would expect of somewhere like tumblr with this weird, uncanny valley effect where cartoonish characters are turned to semi-realistic portraits that do not fit the characters and look far too detached from the source. not trying to be a shitter (although i'm sure I'll be interpreted as such), just trying to offer some constructive criticism.

deleted my post because i intended to sage, but it still shows up on recent so ill just repost anyways


Nah, it's fine, I understand! I've found that I can churn out lineless coloured art (like the most recent two) much quicker than when lining and colouring, so if I need to fire off some quick coloured drawings I tend to do them lineless. I don't really like the way it looks either (definitely uncanny valley in the face), and I prefer my stuff with heavier lines, but sometimes you just need to do something fast LOL
I typically think using heavier lineart stops my work from becoming too semi-realistic unless I push for that effect, but I'm not 100% sure so it's nice to hear an outside opinion.


File: 1513817996264.png (415.89 KB, 750x750, robin.png)

Doodled/sketched Teen Titans' Robin from memory. I've been thinking a lot about the Titans series and I hope they don't overcorrect after TTG and make it all plot and no fun (as opposed to TTG which is all fun, no plot).
I'm excited to see how Hawk and Dove are portrayed, tho


I like this new direction.


File: 1513883477510-0.png (409.61 KB, 750x750, grig redraw doodle.png)

File: 1513883477510-1.png (307.12 KB, 500x500, grigori_by_ruby_fire-d8oov….png)

Quick half-done redraw of my boy Grigori from April 2015. I might finish it later.


File: 1516232250529-0.png (633.61 KB, 750x1302, cass_tarot.png)

File: 1516232250529-1.png (266.19 KB, 750x750, atlas.png)

Some w.i.ps! Tarot card series ft. my ocs, and fanart of Atlas Molniya from Starship Promise because he F I N A L L Y got a route


File: 1518023279613-0.png (1.33 MB, 900x1117, batsford.png)

File: 1518023279613-1.png (2.39 MB, 2252x2304, mado.png)

File: 1518023279613-2.jpg (102.13 KB, 821x888, cass.jpg)

File: 1518023279613-3.png (512.93 KB, 750x1302, there she is.png)

Some stuff:
1) WIP of my Batsford prize illustration piece, I'm entering as part of my uni course
2) Doodle of Madotsuki from today, since I haven't drawn her in…a While
3) Doodle of my OC Cass using 80s Winona Ryder as a facial feature reference because??? Winona Ryder was my original faceclaim way back when I first created Cassidy so it's like a stupid in-joke with myself.
4) Cassidy as she looks now! I'm doing a series of Tarot card designs based on my OCs; first up is Cass as the High Priestess card (w.i.p)


File: 1523758674368-0.jpg (134.73 KB, 611x876, DSC_0019-1.jpg)

File: 1523758674368-1.jpg (536.78 KB, 1177x1833, DSC_5111-1.jpg)

File: 1523758674368-2.png (55.23 KB, 750x750, f1462e67-96de-4d37-b9c7-74….png)

File: 1523758674368-3.jpg (1.61 MB, 2648x2648, pixlr_20180411133149384.jpg)

Alcohol marker practice, some b&w style experiment ft. my OCs, a Ghiaccio and the artvsartist meme that was going around on twitter this past week. On the art v. artist pic, the top row is fanart, middle row is original stuff + me, and the bottom row is uni stuff.


File: 1526940513050-0.png (532.23 KB, 1000x1000, cassidy sunglasses1.png)

File: 1526940513051-1.png (1.71 MB, 1992x1278, pall.png)

File: 1526940513051-2.png (154.79 KB, 379x708, shirt!!.png)

2 drawings of Cassidy in different styles ft. a doodle of Abaddon wearing his gf's face on a shirt LOL


you should all either never draw again or kill yourselves


File: 1527971013320.jpg (72.22 KB, 500x500, IMG_4046.JPG)

i do think you should work on faces a bit. more realistic =/= better despite what art school might tell you. sometimes its better to find your own style. you have a thing going here but the faces really turn me off, especially when trying to mesh realism with cartoon. not saying you shouldn't practice realism but it is a gripe i have with most artists in america is they tend to do things by the books instead of branching out, hence why you get that "tumblr" style so prevalent everywhere.


File: 1527980737658-0.jpg (281.73 KB, 600x849, __drawn_by_langewong__2d93….jpg)

File: 1527980737658-1.jpg (91.4 KB, 850x1142, __original_drawn_by_thinne….jpg)

File: 1527980737658-2.jpg (84.93 KB, 850x850, __ushiromiya_natsuhi_umine….jpg)

File: 1527980737658-3.jpg (45 KB, 600x800, __kawajiri_kousaku_and_kir….jpg)

>realistic =/= better. Find your own style
This isn't good advice. Op's problem is that they lie in a very uncomfortable mid-range. While the anatomical structure of their face's is decent, they mostly lack realistic shading and texture. All of their faces looking so smooth and porcelain-like and lacking in really dark values. They also make the mistake of substituting style with technicoloring. Japanese artists who are great at shading have trod the line between realistic and cartoonish very well, so it is possible.


"all"…. it's just me, my dude.

Thank you both for your advice! I feel as though whenever I try to do something more stylised it always turns out…more garbage than the rest of my art, so I don't really like to stray much from semi-realism and kinda bland shading. I really should push myself out of my comfort zone more with stuff like that. I've tried to develop my own style a lot of times but nothing really sticks or looks good to me. Most of my style exercises/experiments are to do with fashion illustration stuff at the moment…I really like the way Walter Van Beirendonck does design illustrations but I always default to regular realistic anatomy with little detailing on the faces ;w;
If you have any more advice, or practice exercises I can do, that'd be great!

(Also I'm not American, but I guess you just meant like…western art styles in general.)


File: 1530271616170-0.png (250.15 KB, 597x693, mememe.png)

File: 1530271616170-1.png (982.33 KB, 1954x740, progress.png)

I had this zombie-girl character who I used to draw every so often to see the ways that my artstyle was changing, but then I just kinda stopped LOL……anyway I did I quick sketchy redraw of her today just for fun


This one is good. It feels more dynamic than mot of these.


File: 1536622157500.png (314.28 KB, 806x768, redraw.png)

I've been mostly working on uni stuff and a few commissions but here's a quick redraw of sorts of one of my fav BNHA panels! As cool as he looks with his mask, I just really love drawing Stain with his mask off LOL

Thank you!


Saved it. This is very aesthetically pleasing for me. Could you post more of this?

Also your improvement is outstanding. I jealous of your ambition and attitude… The way you accept the critics the way you feel confident in yourself. I love you for this.
please tell me how to be more like you and less like fragile hysteric piece of shit



hey man it's pretty obv you struggle alot w/ anxiety and depression and you don't like yourself v much (and that comes out in your art) but it's ok, everyone has problems, and i hope it will get better w/ time for you :)


File: 1538357958326-0.jpg (79.05 KB, 787x983, IMG_20180227_120627_983.jpg)

File: 1538357958326-1.jpg (230.96 KB, 1192x809, DSC_0105_2.jpg)

File: 1538357958326-2.jpg (280.53 KB, 1297x943, DSC_0824.jpg)

File: 1538357958326-3.jpg (326.85 KB, 787x983, DSC_0822.jpg)

Thank you! I don't have much from this sketchbook since it's at my parents house rn, so I had to try and salvage some pictures from my google drive LOL, sorry that they aren't the best quality!
I think my attitude to accepting criticism is kinda two-fold; I'm an art student so constructive criticism/critique is something that happens regularly and you start to see it as something to help improve your work, rather than attack to your ego or anything. Plus even though most of what I post here are the things I do for fun, not for a grade, it's still good to get an outside perspective on your work!! :)

Thank you for saying this LOL, it's really something I think I need to hear from time to time. Yeah, it's something I've struggled with for a long time and am still struggling with it now; I tend to stick to fanart and slice-of-life OC stuff because anything more original or with more room for abstraction tends to get dark fast LOL


File: 1538358047305.jpg (326.85 KB, 1113x1219, DSC_0822.jpg)

I did have a different image than the duplicated fourth one but this was the third time it replaced it rather than allowing me to post it so? LMAO


File: 1538676183681.png (354.74 KB, 330x499, NoriakiKakyoincolor.png)

Man. Your collages are beautiful. Saved all of them again.

Yes, I can agree about this college thing. When I've begun studying I started dividing good criticism from bad. As a result, I take criticism more calmly. If it's bad and useless: you can always ignore it, and if it's good than you can improve your work a lot.
But I really applaud you for being such a genuine and calm person. I still like your attitude very much! Have my respect and post more art here please. You'll overcome your anxiety sometime. I believe in you! I love you in a metaphysical and artistic way ofc!

pls draw my boy kakyoin sometime!!



Love the whole thread


File: 1539294259910-0.jpg (207.73 KB, 1080x1350, 22221119_534389453559606_4….jpg)

File: 1539294259910-1.jpg (179.67 KB, 1080x1350, 22279998_1442542219186321_….jpg)

File: 1539294259910-2.png (1.01 MB, 1000x1414, 1539093299099.png)

File: 1539294259910-3.jpeg (890.29 KB, 1535x1648, Scan_2-01.jpeg)

Some collages from a while ago, plus a couple of doodles! I'm a big fan of Sally Face LOL

Thanks man! I tend to post a lot of art on my uni instagram (@sepulchre.fashion) or on my twitter but I'll try to post more here too LOL

Thank you!!


File: 1539294515541-0.png (1.19 MB, 1309x1951, goretober 1.png)

File: 1539294515541-1.png (657.98 KB, 1000x1484, DSC_00490.png)

File: 1539294515541-2.png (255.23 KB, 561x773, kakyawn.png)

Two of my goretober doodles - day one for prompts "eye trauma" and "barbed wire", an day 4 for prompts "puppet strings" and "wires"

Doodled the best boy, an icon who DEFINITELY survived that punch to the chest, just like Bruno and Abbacchio did (:


File: 1539792117378.jpg (31.78 KB, 320x320, bd51ac9d2e891ba2f05fdf0c62….jpg)

Sorry if I'm a bit late but man!! Thank you for drawing my precious boy!!
I legit cried when he died btw

Also like those new collages a lot.


File: 1546713502904-0.png (318 KB, 1000x1000, =michael.png)

File: 1546713502904-1.png (382.95 KB, 1000x1200, its equality.png)

So, how about that Kotobukiya Bishoujo Michael Myers figurine, huh? Some stupid doodles that I drew and coloured between writing essays and doing technical flats for uni


Thank you! They're from some of my previous projects and I found them buried in my Google drive LOL


File: 1554937140031-0.png (535.15 KB, 994x919, lmao.png)

File: 1554937140031-1.png (199.92 KB, 1000x1000, dandy.png)

File: 1554937140031-2.png (624.31 KB, 921x1436, hanf.png)

File: 1554937140031-3.png (1.06 MB, 2000x2000, you are my daaaaad your my….png)

Most of what I'm working on atm are design boards and garments but here are some WIPs for fanart and/or OCs


looks good!
also I love this thread! you made a LOT of progress from when you started. keep up the great work and never stop improving!


File: 1569177517107.png (1.47 MB, 1576x1948, cass_portrait-3.png)

W.I.P, about 3 hours work so far, on and off. Most of what I've been doing lately is uni prep or embroidery so all my digital drawings are sketches and w.i.ps. Sometimes I post stuff on my twitter or my art instagram, I'll post links if anyone is interested
>>4942 Thank you! This thread is almost 7 years of progress which is pretty wild LOL


File: 1584050441637-0.jpg (34.56 KB, 445x445, IMG_20200214_210851_942.jpg)

File: 1584050441637-1.jpg (139.05 KB, 1169x1169, IMG_20200215_191739_247.jpg)

File: 1584050441637-2.jpg (85.35 KB, 768x672, IMG_20200312_215504_449.jpg)

With the exception of the self portrait (which took abt 30min and was done while my laptop was dying) I've been putting a lot more effort into my drawings lately because I don't really have as many opportunities to do illustrative stuff for fun!! Most of my art efforts are going towards my sewing lately. Anyway these are taken from my instagram so excuse the cropping and also the watergun emoji


File: 1616805090878-0.png (856.35 KB, 877x1240, SPOILER_kiy-1.png)

File: 1616805090878-1.jpeg (1.26 MB, 2875x1911, DSC_0040-01.jpeg)

Hey, it's been a while. This thread is almost 9 years old LOL, I'm still drawing sometimes but I'm kinda burnt out and a lot of my effort is spent jobseeking rn. I hope everyone is doing well. I have art instagram accounts that I'm moderately more active on if anyone is interested in them


keep grinding


File: 1633805199406-0.png (572.01 KB, 842x1191, benji-5.png)

File: 1633805199406-1.jpg (42.49 KB, 403x554, 20201113_012906-1.JPG)

i like coming back to this thread every once in a while to look at my old art LOL
im still trying to improve my work but mostly i just draw for fun now and don't post much of it online. the yume nikki nostalgia has been hitting me pretty hard lately so maybe ill draw some mados at some point


File: 1636518298535.webm (3.09 MB, 481x768, 1635502278164.webm)



Im sure youre getting up to a lot of really interesting stuff recently, and working hard to hone your craft also huh.


that was not a good post


that was a good post


while my official position is that red bantext is an unwelcome intrusion of westoid pforuh norms into the purity of a Japanese medium

my unofficial position is had to do it to em


File: 1637222347833.jpg (164.63 KB, 1735x2047, 20211118_075432.jpg)

Like 9 years ago this probably would've upset me but tbh this is probably the funniest sui bait I've ever gotten

Regrettably I got back into JJBA so if kakyoin anon is still lurking…Hi


File: 1671498599001-0.jpg (161.62 KB, 2048x1536, 20221220_002707.jpg)

File: 1671498599001-1.jpg (305.16 KB, 1620x2059, 20221220_003722.jpg)

File: 1671498599001-2.jpg (74.43 KB, 939x968, 20221220_002737.jpg)

File: 1671498599001-3.jpg (357.81 KB, 1745x1824, 20221220_004104.jpg)

feel free to ignore or bump other threads to hide this one <3

some oc stuff, i mostly just treat him as a dress up doll LOL. also a redraw of childs from the thing and an npc from a ttrpg with friends

most of my drawings lately have been doodles, oc stuff + posted on twitter. trying to get back into rpgmaker games bc im nostalgic. if i draw any mado i might post them

anyway this thread is over 10 years old which is neat. i know its mostly just been me posting drawings and talking to myself but its still neat to look back at. im still trying to improve my personal art, but doing art-related stuff as my full time job takes up a lot of my effort. i think ive really circled back to how i was when i first started this thread in terms of my mentality towards drawing, in that it's just something fun i do to entertain myself :) thanks to all of the people who gave me feedback and weren't mean about it LOL, i was just a kid when i started posting here


File: 1671516282624.png (20.28 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)

Happy 10 years nebermoo


File: 1686777561306-0.png (2.01 MB, 1814x1833, IMG_2989-2.png)

File: 1686777561306-1.png (2.01 MB, 1396x1583, IMG_2973.png)

File: 1686777561306-2.png (1.81 MB, 1396x1583, IMG_2975.png)

File: 1686777561306-3.jpg (577.49 KB, 2048x2048, 20230614_003633.jpg)

thank u <333

still drawing when i have the time btw
some stuff frm last night and today: self portrait, sally face fanart/hc and a silly doodle of my oc


In answer to the question in the last image:

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