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M-my hands are w-writing on their own~!
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The Uboachan Dream World MUD is back online, sorry for the downtime.

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is this a farce


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mfw the person who wrote this also liked and followed me on jottify

Also, I liked the wordplay in your work. It was interesting and although I'm not very fond of erotica, it was amusing and kept me engaged lol

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owow, cool story bro!


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Psst, post this in /lit/ and you'll probably get responses if it's a legit story. I'll read it and let you know what I think of it later. It's pretty long and I'm busy at the moment, soooo yeah.


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I agree


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that is… not an appropriate response to /lit/ posts and i think you need to re-evaluate why you came here in the first place. :p

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Looking for advice.

I'm going to write a first person story taking place in a mental ward; the tone is meant to be distopian, but not flat out depressing. I've got the basic outline of the story, but the problem is I don't know how to start. I'm thinking of opening with a dream to introduce the patient's view of himself/build character, or should I begin sometime in the afternoon to show introduce how a typical afternoon would go? Just give me some ideas, please?
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if that is an honest suggestion, they wouldn't let him in.
When I went to a mental hospital they had everything on lock down. Only visitors for patients could enter.



>>38 that was half serious and half insult. It's a habit.


>>26 Well first you need to realize what your story is focused on. Are you focusing on the mental ward itself or this specific patient? If the patient consider this, are you writing it from the patients warped perspective? Or are you writing it as if we were looking through their eyes. How long are you going to make it? If its a short story then focus on the characters interactions with the world around him. If its a bit longer build the character a bit. Don't even neglect building the character completely though, because then its difficult to sympathize with them.

Most importantly though, if you are just writing this for fun, then just write whatever you want to write. Just have fun and let your thoughts flow on to the page, screen, papyrus, stone tablet, ect.


delicious mediums.
medium makes the message.

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Opening the Book
I first came to Uboachan shortly after completing the game and experiencing almost everything that the game had to offer. I wandered the boards, enjoying the posts and posting myself. But eventually, I felt like contributing to the board with my own brand of content. I write, so I wanted to breathe a new kind of life into Yume Nikki with the narrative that never was, but potentially could have been. Thus, Opening the Book was born and I first shared it here with the folks of Uboachan.

Then one day, the opened book closed and I moved on to other works on my writing site. Since then, Uboachan's gained a new board and I'm nearing the completion of my first full-length novel. So here I am, recreating the old thread that used to house Opening the Book. Why? Because I plan to reopen this closed book. The story has yet to see a proper conclusion I've realized. The other effects and events of Yume Nikki have yet to be explained or written. Once I finish my novel in a few chapters, I'm going to revisit this story, proofreading and updating with new content. I hope you all look forward to it!

Synopsis and Table of Contents:

As of posting this, the story has 13 chapters, complete with a good and bad end for you to choose from.

I will post again in the future when I have begun work on Opening the Book - Extra Effects. Just felt like sharing that I plan to build upon this work with you pleasant folks. See you guys then. ;D


You! I'm the one who read your pensive nonsense LIKE A BOSS from way back whenever.

Re: the good ending: I like moments like Mado laughing at a joking comment even as she's sobbing (we've all been there) & a certain character's disd in for TV dramas. I also like what happened with aunt Kaede, and I wonder if her real-life ordeals have a story or journal of their own.


You know, that's an interesting concept, if Aunt Kaede kept a journal of her own. It would shine a little bit of light on why she was so understanding of Madotsuki's dream diary.

Also, glad you enjoyed. :D I need to retcon a little bit of the Good End so I can fit in why the extra effect tie into the actual story. It'll be fun.


Good stuff.


File: 1318369691740.jpg (40.69 KB, 600x901, l.jpg)

>Poniko chapter

File: 1316801047762.png (77.45 KB, 1234x1208, dotflow.png)


I figured I'd post this since I got it from the old /lit/ board.


File: 1316911147874.jpg (241.04 KB, 469x700, tumblr_lru33aEHXq1qzcrd5.jpg)

I'm glad someone actually liked it enough to repost it.

Thank you, anon. <3


I loved that story. Are there anymore Uboachan-related creepypastas?



None, that I know of. It's a shame. There is a lot of potential for really creepy stories.


M-maybe I'll try sometime…


Go for it! That would be awesome.

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