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There's probably something fucked up about how I lead my life but I just couldnt afford to do what the rest of people do, I dont want things to be predictable… I lived as a hobo with people on the road or on my own for the last 4 years but now even this is becoming to seem shallow, I dont know what to do to not get bored by life… Sometimes I feel I should just start a revolution… I feel like I'm missing something to have a fulfilling life, maybe I should get a gf and start simping but no grill will want of a hobo who lives in a trailer and digs trash to eat and live…


OP here: to finish with my rambling, I feel so fucking nostlagic of my teenage years I had lots of friends, I'd meet a lot of people and the social interactions were genuine and interesting, nowadays not only social interactions are rare but they are usually shallow as hell and can even even carry ill intents… what happened to genuine social cohesion? Do people usually just stop giving a shit about it when they grow old? Am I the only one who missed that?


I'm planning to do what you did. I don't know much about a fulfilling life but maybe you need to work on something permanent instead of just living day to day, like some form of art or journalism. You probably have an interesting perspective.


I'm working on my garden, growing veggies and fixing stuff I find in the trash to sell them on the interwebz, problem is still lack of meaningful social interactions, in the end whatever I do, it comes back to me as obvious, I'm just a sad loner… I wish you to do the same tho, it's still more interesting to live that way than to live of welfare or whatever in a boring apartment, if you need advices as to where to begin and how to operate, you can as me…


I don't recommend thinking about women at this point in your life, you have enough with your own problems in your plate, it's a coinflip and the bad side of the coin can be the nail in the coffin for you.

Working on myself is what got me out of the hole, I started with exercise, my body felt better and all the other things followed, but what worked for me doesn't necessarily work for you.

>what happened to genuine social cohesion?

Welcome to the era of the social media, dating apps and smartphones. It may sound like conspiraboomer talk but a whole generation never experienced life without those things.


Not to mention everything that lead up to the point we're at now.


>fixing stuff I find in the trash to sell them on the interwebz
That's pretty cool, what sort of things do you repair?



Laptops, smartphones, bikes, most of the time they're already usable and just need some reconditioning, but sometimes it needs minor repairs, there's lots of stuff that's thrown and just works but I live in a rich country so that's why…


where do you scout for e-waste?


Junkyards and e-waste recycle bins of supermarkets mostly…


Anon if you feel nostalgic… go back to it. Integrate it into your present life. And make it your foundation so you can go and do new challenging things. And then return to the warm familiarity.

idk if that actually works but i do it. I want to have a varied and exciting life too but i need stability so i can pay for internet



Not like I can go back to high school and be 17 again tho and this is what I really miss… Like what can I fo to be in a thriving social environnement? Probably not much if you think about it, especially as by growing up I've developed higher standards for people I find interesting, which makes things harder but yeah, I should at least try, just don't really know where to begin, I was thinking maybe by moving to a new country starting a new life and making friends could be easier… dunno…


Have you considered joining a intentional community? A secular one, not the sort that's going to ask for your money or demand some spiritual commitment. If you're interesting even the slightest I'll come back to this thread sometime and detail my visitor period at Twin Oaks for you.




Hmmm, sounds interesting, problem is I live in France and there's not a lot of those in here, I lived in small communities but there always was a problem with drugs/alcohol among members, the best community experience I had was during COVID, I lived at some friend's uncle's farm for 2 months and it was great, we just did not keep on after COVID…

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