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They have no idea how lucky they are to have a job. I've been a hikki since 2013 (I'm 27 now) and it seems there's no way of getting out. I fully believe I will expire as a homeless dude without a penny to my name. What a life.


Meanwhile, there are normies like me who fantasize about being a NEET.


So you're a failed normalfag then?


Not necessarily. Just someone who wishes he wasn't broke and on the verge of homelessness. I'd gladly trade places with a wage slave to stay off the streets. Sleeping outside isn't comfy.


File: 1612686365450.gif (1.78 MB, 500x281, e3d13d2caec923523ae8f6bf8c….gif)

OP is right, fuck normies. Hate them so fucking much. Only time I have to see them is when I buy food at night. Fuck normies, fuck normies & fuck normies!


get help anon, normies might be bottom tier but it's not really their fault.


File: 1613051758064.gif (310.39 KB, 500x220, 5xojU4M1qz4rgp.gif)

Yea kinda but I can also see where they are coming from. Like if I were normal and stuff I wouldnt mind having a job. I just have no idea how I would be able to have one with my mental issues.


Same, I think that's true for many of us.


When I am a neet, then after a few months I start to wish for a job.
When I have a job, then after a few months I start to wish to be a neet again.
Both has it's downsides and upsides, everytime I experience the downside from on thing I want the upside from the other back.


I worked in the past many years before being a hikki and it had its upsides I think it is important for people to work if they do not have any other goals in life it is artifical though and to devote yourself to working as a life goal is stupid but if you can honesty be happy to be a cog in the machine consuming and producing value then you really are lucky.

I get retardbux now and ony really spend my money on drugs.
I do not get annoyed when normies complain about working I get more annoyed when they try to tell people they need to work and I agree people need to work as a general rule but you hear young people berated for being a NEET more than for being lifeless droids that have no goal other than hedonism.

Us hikikomori are really just fucked if we have no goals it is all fucked I do not think we shoud look beyond the curtain if you can be normalscum go for it you are lucky not because you can get things that some of us desire but that you can desire at all.

I have had it all it is all shit I am just too afraid to kill myself at the moment because my drug use convinced me we do not die after death.


You die when you work.


You're all stupid and got brainwashed by bourgeois propaganda. Working for a wage will not make you happy nor set you free or whatever retards say these days, at best it won't make you have to worry about having food on your plate if you're poor, but it'll still make you miserable and crush your very soul.

Now, working on personal projects and just for fun is an entirely different matter.

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