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how do u make friends while a hikki? im not a hikki by choice, its by force since my illness' make it hard to go outside and im really lonely these days - 🥩


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Online friends is the way to go. Find a Discord channel dedicated to a hobby you like or you're interested about and start sending messages, or you can use Steam for the same purpose, if you like playing games.


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thank you my dude i will try that out - 🥩


Uboacha has a discord channel, you can begin with that.


Recently I've been browsing public discord groups and the majority of them follow this pattern where they are made out to be chill, comfy etc. When in fact that may not be the case at all at the surface level. Sometimes I even wonder if its even worth the effort to connect with users, I just want a channel with a few amount of people goddamnit.


I second this. After high school, I made all of my new friends online. The people I rent an apartment with now are all people I met online, and I networked with their friends as well and now have a large IRL support net. Find people nearby who share interests by utilizing chats or forums, break the ice online, and then it won't be so awkward once you finally meet up, and if they have other friends you can expand your social circle.

Having a strong network of friends is honestly more important than having money. If I lost my job and my apartment right now, there are at least half a dozen people I could probably couch surf between indefinitely.


> I just want a channel with a few amount of people goddamnit
Same here. All the communities are just too big.
I guess that is one of the reasons why I lurk around sites like this, only a few people and slow. My best time was a group on skype with only 4 guys, including me.


Guys just come to the hiki channel on uboachan's discord server. Last message we had in there was 4 days ago. I would love to have someone to talk to in there. If anyone sends a message there I'll reply.


File: 1603429672929.png (2.96 KB, 246x32, disno.png)

>join the discord
>see this
Oh hell no. I'm gonna stay as far away from that discord as I can.


Please tell me that this is not real. Like on Uboachans discord? How did they even find it? Why did they join it? People like that should be thrown out.


Was in this>>6266 discord and yea it said it was uboachan soooo. No idea but I'm not going to stay around with people like that there.


Are you serious? Fucking autistous.



There's no user with a name like that in the #hikki channel logs anywhere around the date >>6284 posted. Someone probably changed their name to that for a little while as a joke. Come check out the Discord.


File: 1604446583225.jpg (136.83 KB, 984x1300, evil-man-scary-hood-darkne….jpg)

Just come to the Discord guys, come into my lair…Join us hikki's…It was part of the joke…


real hikkis dont use discord, they live in solitude, sleeping in mountains made up of filthy pizza boxes and anime dvds


if we assume for argument's sake that you're talking about IRL, I don't think you can
I've thought to myself about when my parents will inevitably ask "when are you going to get a gf", but I have no outside places, nor a workplace in which I could find one, and I think it is the same with regular friends as well
in that regard, finding someone who you can attempt to become friends with is hard enough, actually finding someone who you want to be friends with is even harder, not to mention that both you and this person will stay in regular contact
as a tangent, not long ago (March this year or something), my 'parole officer' and my mum tried to set me up to be friends with someone, and they thought we would be good friends, because, to quote her directly, "you're both gamers", and while he was not thoroughly unpleasant, I had no interest in speaking to him (also I found out several months later he was a nonce)
guess that's just me forcing an excuse to blogpost, point is, finding friends is hard, but at least as /hikki/posters we have a tenuous connection, which is something, and maybe it's better that way, finding friends is a lot of hard work for what in most cases does not produce satisfactory results
but I'll be your friend if you want


Rule number one: never ever use discord. You will only find two kinds of people there: meme spouting underage retards or some really fucked up mentally ill freaks (trannies, schizos etc).
Personally I've made a few friends on penpal websites, but you gotta be comfortable with using your real pic for that.


>meme spouting underage retards or some really fucked up mentally ill freaks

Man, I don't know what alternative reality imageboards you come from, but sign me up. You've just described most of this sphere's userbase


"A channer-to-Facebook-normie pipeline? How would you even do that?"


most of my friends are real life ones usually just due to circumstances, i cant stand how people are online now
that said i still only talk with them a few times a month

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