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By self-improvement I mean doing more than the basics (getting a job/moving out), non-essential things like having hobbies or a social life. If I start now I will be quite old-ish by the time I see results, and most people will be moving on to something else. I cannot fill the gaps in experience, just make try to catch up and pretend I'm not behind.


just try to catch up*


Plenty of people either do those things because they want to, or because they think they can find additional social acceptance for having done them (which is really just another way of saying they want to do them). If wanting to do them doesn't apply to you, then don't. But understand what frequently befalls those who choose not to do those things.


I was a loser a few months ago. I'm still a loser, but now I can play the piano at a very bad grade 2, draw very poorly, and just about understand Japanese spoken by a small child.
Still, I'd recommend it, especially if you're a NEET like I am, since you'll be doing something with your time. I started doing these because I wanted to.
My regret is not starting earlier, since I'd be way more proficient than I am now, and probably enjoying it more since I won't have the frustrations that come with being inept at things.


Self-improvement should at the end of the day mean improving your life , making yourself a happier person (in the hedonistic sense) , this includes stuff like delayed gratification ofcourse.

>social life

If you dont want to have a social life its ok , if you do , thats ok as well. I personally just dont feel the need , considering you mentioned it you likely do. Do not be influenced by what others think of you (for example: "I must have [X] because soceity will thing bad of me if i dont")

Think about it , is it a genuine need to connect with other human beings (or something along those lines) or is it just "soceity will (not) like this" (do this for basically everything for example , nice cars, nice clothes, latest iphone , etc.) .If you do , i cant help you. The pandemic likely made it harder , and try finding people with similar intrests but thats about all i know.

WARNING: DONT fall into the trap of trying to delude yourself into thinking you dont want a social life when you acttualy do because its too dificult.


Having a hobby is nice , everyone should have an activity that brings them happiness , idk how you go about finding one.

I have hobbies but i burn out on them eazily (drawing and programming sometimes) , i guess one piece of advice whould be to not do them obsessively untill they no longer bring you happiness (burn-out).

Idk , try this, make a notepad file , go thought this list (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_hobbies) and write in the notepad all the ones you find intresting (for example: Drawing , Gardening , Pyrography, Computer programming) , then rank them in order (example: Programming , Drawing , Pyrography , Gardening) and go thought them in order of most intresting to least and tell me if it worked. ok? if you find one good , and keep looking , espeically if burn out is something that happens a lot so you can cycle thought them (ie. Burned out on drawing? do comp sci? burned out on comp sci? do pyrograhpy? , burned out on gardening? hopefully the burnout on one of your hobbies has lifted off and you can do it again.

(youtube tutorials could help you get started)

I still need help with mentaining my hobbies and in terms of "how i found them" , idk i just found a thing in my YT recommended section and just decided "gonna learn this why not". If anyone has more info on this stuff feel free to give additional adivce.

I am 100% this happened for programming , i remember the 4 hour or however long python programming course ( this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rfscVS0vtbw ) , dont know what got me into art tho.


Need any art advice?

While i dont know what your weak and strong points are as i havent seen your art , i will give some general advice:

-Unlearn symbol drawing
Symbol drawing is when you draw what your mind thinks it sees rather than what your eyes actually see. You likely already got past this stage but i am mentioning it nonetheless.

Here is an exercise to help you unlearn it. Decide on a thing to draw , for example a lamp. Destroy all your preconceptions of how a lamp looks like. Think of it as an alien object that you need to document , you cant take photographs and you need to draw it as accurately as possible.

-Learn the fundamentals and start with perspective
if you can do perspective you can do whatever the fuck and it should look ok as long as the perspective is good it should look ok atleast. Feel free to break normal perspective if you want to go for a certain feeling but learn the rules before you break them.

You may at first fall into the trap of doing isometric perspective (the one you learn in math class and draw cubes with), in art perspective all parallel lines , eventually meet at a place called the "vanishing point" (the ones going up dont meet up if you are doing 2 point perspective , which is usually "good enought") , this point is usually on the horison line (aka. the eye line) but in certain cases its not (ie. Stuff that is slanted , you need an auxilarly vanishing point for those)

Whould recomend either watching a youtube video on perspective or reading perspective made eazy (https://archive.org/details/PerspectiveMadeEasy) and going along with the exercises

Now that you learned all the fundamentals to atleast a decent point , you can start specialising. Want to be a porn artist? Focus on anatomy and construction. Same for character design and horror acttualy
(sure with a monster you dont need to have human proportions and can for example make their arms and legs longer and skin significantly paler like SCP-096 but you still need to know how to draw an arm and not make everyone look like SCP-096 and make it consistent thought out the panels (if multiple drawings of the same creature) (learn the rule before you break them). and if you run into having to draw more human looking monsters for your stuff for example "attractive human with horns and bat wings" or "human with spider legs on its back" , if you know human anatomy you dont have to avoid drawing those)

If you want to be a landscape artist you dont need anatomy as much but you do need composition.

The more you know the better , just because you want to be a landscape artist that doesnt mean you cant do anatomy as well and even change specialisation.

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