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officially back to neetdom after being fired recently, it was only a few months of shitty work. first job i've had in this new state in 3 years and dropped out of college 1 year ago.

wondering if my options above are really all i have left.

i found working on below-subpar wages for months on end, dealing with manic depression and mental instability from my mom's failing health and my father's abuse, dissociation-episodes from body dysmorphia, and stress/anger issues with customers isn't the life i want to keep dealing with.

my folks are adamant on kicking me out if i dont find a job again, but being a useless queer fuckwit with no skills and no goals besides reading manga and playing vidya online with peeps, aka being the lazy asshole im only ever gonna be, makes it hard to wanna find reasons to go back into wagecucking.

do i skip steps and just rope or try and just fail to get buxs from SSI or some shit?


Probably just get a gas station/connivence late night job to ease your stress of being wagecucked. Rope might not be the best just yet. Think about the vidya and anime to watch


i honestly wanna cling to that so badly but rn its just like too tempting to just end it here since i know all im gonna amount to is being a fucking worthless bum.

i feel like im not gonna be able to continue being where i want to be, in this lifestyle, and im just gonna have to take the only way out


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u aint wrong anon, u aint wrong


I'm very sorry that you're in that situation, OP.

Personally I would never go for the rope unless I thought that without doing so I might end up in a situation where I wouldn't even have the option - for example, I might consciously consider the rope IF I was facing some sort of awful disease that might render me unable to make the decision and execute it at some point. I don't think there's any shame in choosing to exit, and I don't think you have anything to worry about as I believe in a resurrection of the dead, so you'll just wake up afterwards, but it's a really horrible decision to even consider, and so long as you're alive I guess there is always at least some hope that things will improve, and at least some hope to find some sort of happiness or meaning.

I think, so long as you're not suggesting damaging yourself first in order to be able to get it, that you should at least try for the SSI, though you'd have to consider the possible consequences of doing so for yourself (sorry I don't know much about the US system). I know from my own experience on NEETbux that it can be very hard to escape that situation once you've been in in long enough, and my situation has been very bad at points - but then again, I'm not sure the alternative was any better, if I'd continued working I'm sure that right now I'd just have wasted vastly more time serving other people, rather than at least having some time to myself as a NEET (even if in the end, my family stole vast amounts of it during that that time).

I don't think there's any shame in doing the sugardaddy thing so long as you don't actually have sex. If you can find someone willing to pay you to see photos or videos or something, it may not be ideal - but considering the amount of humiliation and subjugation involved in 'normal' wageslavery, I'm not sure that it's any worse. I don't see it as exploitation in either direction, but it's absolutely disgusting that people might have to reduce themselves to that rather than get support from 'society'. People in general should be ashamed for allowing such a situation to exist.

Maybe if you find a way to subsist for now, you'll eventually at least inherit your parents house if they own it? I see it as your parents having a moral obligation to support you, no matter how old, considering they brought you into the world and are responsible for your upbringing, so it's pretty terrible of them to want to toss you out. Is there a way you could make living there more workable? If you were out of the house some of the time would that help? Maybe go for walks or to a library (if you're capable of being in public like that)?

What if you made a promise to yourself that you'll try to survive for now (mentally and physically), and that you'll explore options constantly and look for any opportunity to take to make some money. It may be statistically rare but if you have some degree of leisure time to invest in trying things out, there are sometimes ways to end up with cash, and then you could help out a fellow NEET some day.

I know these are all 'overly optimistic' suggestions, sorry. Ultimately you're the only one who can make these choices for yourself, because you're the one most impacted and with the most knowledge of your limits, desires, etc. It's a real shame that we NEETS and Hikkis don't come together and form a union of sorts. If every one of us online came together and put in a tiny bit of money and effort, we'd probably have the power of a small nation at least, and could lobby for better treatment, or hand out prizes to people who find and share financial survival tips, etc.

Good luck, OP.


updating, still alive but not well.

however this virus turned out to be a blessing in disguise for me in a variety of ways

1. my folks actually care about me and wont kick me out in the middle of a pandemic
2. everyone around me now is living my lifestyle so im understood a bit better by some
3. im not able to get a job during all of this

but, shit still aint great or even good in the slightest.

unemployment benefits in my state is taking forever to come through, i havent gotten a stimulus check either, and im still waiting to hear back about disability / SSI shit so while i am "safe" to stay and be more of myself, im still not in any better of a financial situation.

its stressing me out and while i dont feel as bad as i did at the start of this, it's still hurting and terrible in my eyes and if anything i am believing the second this pandemic ends, i might just have to give it all up and just do it already.

for as much as i talk about this 'an hero', ill be honest and say i still fear it and still am pushed to keep going by some natural instinct to stay alive. say what u will about being over-dramatic and being being a fucking special snowflake pussy, but thats just the point, i am that shit and right now im still considering adding myself to the suicide rate of people like me.

i do thank pepes for the advice and wish the best, ill still be around but i felt like giving a little update on whats basically a dead-thread. im gonna keep goin at this for now, but idk what the future may hold for me rn at this rate. so i guess i better start getting on that.


Lots of people get SSI $700 a month
Some people get SSDI $1,000 month
If a parent is dead you could get Survivor Benefits $1,400

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