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(I hope it's the right board.)

I think I've been followed/stalked for almost a year now. Possibly had one email hacked too, but I deleted immediately. I closed all my social media.

The problem is, I have absolutely no proof. No alerts, viruses or anything suspicious.

I know it's most likely a "problem" I invented myself but I have a few small reasons to believe it.

Did this happen to anyone else? Do you have any advice?


Well, list all your reason here. How and when did all this start anyway?Give us the full story.


Why do you think that?


File: 1545920015083.gif (860.28 KB, 1368x650, CAUSE I FEEL.gif)

Don't wear the tinfoil, it will really take a toll on judgement. Check for any suspicious processes, CPU usage (if you got a miner its probably a high average %) and use mitmproxy to check suspicious queries on your network. If you're paranoid, backup some stuff, wipe your HDD and reinstall your OS, and make sure to encrypt your drive. Same goes for your smartphone if you have one. Use KeePassX or some other password manager to generate a strong password for each service, or just write in pen and paper.
If you want to disappear out of the internet, then preserve your right to vanish and seriously don't:

- Login to your old accounts
- Use the same username/email everywhere
- Actively hang around the same crowds in the timespan where you left
- Don't give out personal information (give false info, rather, if you're paranoid)
- Don't make goodbye speeches or farewells
- Post images that can be easily reverse searched
- Post with the same identifiable manners everywhere (e.g *holds up spork*)
- Don't click on weird meme links your friends sent you
- This one might be controversial for some, but seriously avoid anyone with a bad track record (bipolar, schizoid, etc)

I'm sure anyone that's been on the internet for a good amount of time knows this, but it's so easy to break those guidelines for convenience. Make sure you don't go down the rabbit hole using extreme measures to avoid teh goverbmentz, its not worth it, its an infrastructure problem you can't avoid purely with software/hardware and nobody really cares anyways.


You forgot to mention keyloggers. Check for those.


File: 1545928649953.jpg (151.71 KB, 387x475, 4840f08d5a397f90a6ce423311….jpg)

Assuming OP uses windows, one easy way to check up whether you have something weird running on the background is opening the Task Manager and checking all open processes and services. Google all the things you deem suspicious or don't recognize (some may be normal system process, so it's good to check on that instead of killing all unknown processes). As >>5356 points out, you don't want on your system things with high CPU usage percentage.

Just the other day I had to check a client's pc with win7 and just by opening the task manager I found around 5 programs running there named something like "aslkdja.exe"


Thanks but I have already checked all of these before. Like I mentioned, there's are no weird programs in Task Manager or anywhere in my PC. I think you're right in the end.


best would be to quit the internet and burn all your electronic equipment and then only use birds and newspaper messages for communications


0/10 bad trolling


File: 1545960522520.jpg (228.98 KB, 850x606, __northern_ocean_hime_ooyo….jpg)

It's called a joke, anon…


>If you're paranoid, backup some stuff, wipe your HDD and reinstall your OS
BIOS/UEFI rootkits can persist even across OS reinstallations
(however, they are very rare)


Check your router / gateway for suspicious and reoccuring connection attempts. You can also run a second machine with wireshark to monitor that.


Ok, thanks. I already solved this.


what was that chatbro link




Don't worry about your stalker, anon. Kick his ass!


That's downright insulting. That's like saying "don't be sad" to a person with depression. You think you're cheering him up this way but that's quite the opposite. Judging by OP's story, he has no way to determine even who his stalker is so what do you mean by saying "Kick his ass!"?


File: 1548359577273.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 271.33 KB, 560x420, c2923ed76bb6fea1b79b28a43….jpeg)

They've dealt with it already, so either way it doesn't matter~

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