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I'm sure many of you know this feel:

>Realize you need to go somewhere with your life or everything will end horribly when you least expect it to

>Attempt to get something done

>If not 5 minutes later, you are eventually hit by a varying intense level of depression while attempting to do whatever task you decided, as if by facing your life, you can no longer not face how you are feeling.

>end up going back to the computer to distract yourself from the pain after only getting 1 thing done if you are lucky.

For any former NEETs here, how the fuck did you get past this? I feel the more I force myself to endure the depression the more depressed I get and the harder it is to get shit done, as fucking pretentious edgelordriffic as that unintentionally sounds.


I've considered suicide.

There is no "getting past it" when there simply are no fulfilling alternatives.


File: 1455645965705.png (243.47 KB, 720x400, 52636547547568567867896798….png)

As a former NEET that put himself into a situation where I have to work now, a very long fucked up story I might make a thread about it one day. Getting something done least for me requires stuff biting at my ass and a sense of severe consequences if I don't do something.

The situation I am in at this very moment requires me to work but I put myself into this situation originally as a trade off to thinking I'd be getting something I want out of it which I no longer will so now I have to work even though I really don't want to and have to suffer through what I put myself into but I'm getting more done in my life than I ever have in 3 years of being a NEET. Getting out of NEETdom isn't sunshine and roses but once your out it's almost impossible to get back into least with my case. In reality I don't care for a paycheck or other aspects of what people call a "normal" life expect one thing which makes me think I was born in the wrong time but I do feel a little bit better that I've come such a long way in one year even for things I do not care for I feel I have more power over my life and other people's lives than I previously thought I had.

Even though I have will and motivation now because of all the bad stuff happening to me, I still get depressed and have the strong urge to end it all. I've never been in so much stress in my life but who knows it might be worth it eventually though my addictions are crushing me along the way and it seems the only thing that gives me hope is my addictions, I realize how fucked up that is but oh well.

tl:dr In short the best way to get something done is to act like or actually have a situation where there will be horrible consequences if you don't do it which for you there might be in the future that you over looked. Fear, envy, wrath and strife have driven people to do many things my advice might come of as irresponsible but in my own life I found that to be the only real thing to make me get anything done well that and my addictions.


>three years

It's four years later but seriously the point of being a neet is that you simply didn't fit into society. If you stop being a neet you never should have been in the first place. It's called being disabled.


>unemployment elitism


I know what you mean. For a long time I've been in a state where I allowed others to make decisions for me because I wouldn't take action. But this one time things got really bad and I almost lost my life. I'm not gonna go into the details, but basically by putting my trust in others I nearly died in a really stupid way. It wasn't just their fault but mine as well for not being proactive.


>unemployment elitism
effin right


That's retarded, being able to fit in society is a matter of your own perspective.


not to say i am a former NEET but i have recovered/relapsed several times, sometimes with years of non-NEETism inbetween the severe relapses (first NEET experience @ 12yo, didn't leave my house more than 6 times that year, and only by force/coercion)

anyway i have never "gotten past" this but finally getting diagnosed with autism and ADHD at the age of 29 sure helped a fucking lot in terms of explaining things (besides the crippling depression, part of which but not all can be attributed to going undiagnosed)

Not going to pretend like things get better and stay better consistently - they absolutely don't- but with the right therapist (HAHAHA GOOD LUCK) and the right meds (again GL finding those) things can improve.


I cannot even watch anime naymore I do not even know how I spend my time I just exist and hate existing and rely on drugs if I have any please do not reach this stage it is horrible.
What is the point of improving if there is nothing to improve for??


Society disagrees.


We all need to do "something" with our lives, but you need to define that yourself or you're going to end up like most people on this board.

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