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I feel like I want to become full and proud neet after I finish school this year
I don't want to work or study or anything
how can I earn money easily as a gurl
any sites to sell voice to dubs or something? I can sing pretty ok I guess
or record lewd voices for money or something
any other way?
I would draw too but first I must efford fucking graphic tablet shieeet


>how can I earn money easily as a gurl
Do I really need to point out the easiest ways or you feel you still have some integrity?


become a twitch streamer or record asmr videos and scam gullible beta fags out of their hard earned dollaritos


You can ask around in Kuwait.




This works, I have seen it working.


Not gonna lie, I really wanted to create a site where I host lewd audios and have a system where the creators can be donated to whether that means PayPal or just an email account and people sending creators gift cards or just donate to me for keeping the site running but the only issue is that if you are making lewd audios why the fuck would you really need me or any one else for a platform? Especially when anyone who wants the audios can get them for free. I would basically be a record label or whatever.

It's an idea I'm still playing around with because fuck do I need something to bring in more money.


Pretty sure the Japs already put out that kind of stuff and people there pay for it. I wouldn't bet my lifesavings on it working just as well in the west though.


Yea, there's that too. It would be a very niche thing in the Western world, I'm sure even if I'm just a guy who makes a platform and there are people willing to just work on a donation basis and maybe I make cash from merch based on my brand, it'd make me some money.

But I would have to compete with all those porn sites plus even targeting women heavily means little, women consume a lot of porn too though places like Pornhub.


When I quit my depressing ambulance job over a year ago I got into stock market. Made some monies there but wasn't enough to go full-neet.
Recently switched to cryptocurrency trading and this has brought in much more money.
I'd depleted alot of my funds in the meantime so I'll have to go back to at least part-time work, but if I can bolster my bank account enough then I should be able to at least tread water financially with online trading. In order to be GUD at it I'll have to spend 8-10 hours daily doing chart research and making trades, so it's like a regular job, but on my terms, plus I won't have to leave the house. (But on my terms, without boss, so it's better than some crappy tele-commuting job or something).
I'd suggest getting books and looking up articles, and doing research on Technical Analysis and trading in general. HOWEVER this is very risky and if you screw up then you can lose money just as easily as you can make it, and drive yourself ever-deep into THE PAUPER'S ABYSS!!
Be careful if you decide to do this.
I didn't really mean this as advice, since it's risky and all, but just wanted to share this since it's what I did and I've had varying degrees of success with it over time..
It is very stressful though, so one should be wary if prone to getting depressed…


As a (cute) girl you could always whore yourself out, but yeah…
The only realistic ways I know of to make money as a social recluse are the aforementioned method, going full pariah (scamming the elderly, selling drugs… not really advisable either) or having a very specific skill such as stock market or programming AND being proficient at it. Unless you fit in the later category, as a non-hikki you'd be much better off finding some part-time job and paying the bills this way.
If there was some easy & accessible way to make money without having to move an inch then said money wouldn't be worth anything.


I think cam shows sometimes work for some people. The idea of it is that it is at some point sexual, but from what I've heard, some just do it completely vanilla. Like, some people just watch them for some sense of human interaction. But you've got to be at least somewhat likable or charming.


Do western ASMR girls sell their lewd voices like japs do? All I know they only have youtube channel


There is only one Western girl I know who "sells" audio, I use the term "sell" loosely because it's more "I'll provide a ton of free content that's of high quality but the special stuff is behind a paywall". But what really helps her is that she markets her lewd audios and podcasts as being "pro-male" and really uses that to her advantage.

I loved her content from the subreddit Gonewildaudio but not enough to pay 5 bucks a month to her. But I think a small monthly fee is better than possibly dealing with someone who might want to nickel and dime you for each audio file.

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