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Life story time
>Be 7 years ago
>Have pretty OK life in front of me
>Suddenly start losing all motivation and sleeping more and more
>Be NEET for 3 years
>Finally get a part time job (cashier, though boss had me doing everything in the store)
>Start going to doctor thinking I was depressed
>2 years, 8 months of therapy, 25 different medications, $26,000 (after insurance) in doctor bills later
>At this point sleeping 16 hours a day and working the rest
>Occasionally dozing off during work and even while driving
>Doctor finally gives me CFS/ME diagnosis
>Tells me there's no treatment
>Gives me prescriptions for Adderall, Vyvanse, Concerta, Ritalin & Desoxyn
>They work great for a couple days before losing all effectiveness (even at max dose), takes over a month for tolerance to get back down
>Lose job after getting caught sleeping
>Apply for disability
>Govt says CFS/ME isn't real and I can still work (disability test was picking a pillow up, setting it on the floor, and then putting it back.)
>1 year later
>Still sleeping 16+ hours a day
>Using Desoxyn to get through any events (weddings, etc.)
I honestly have no idea what to do. I'm afraid to drive after having fallen asleep several times on the road. I've tried "resetting" my brain, to no avail. Hopefully, my parents will kick me out soon so I can just disappear.


jesus this sounds like my life but more extreme, and instead of too little sleep its too much sleep.

i'm not sure how to help at all but reading some of this hit close to home.


File: 1498651720880.png (593.41 KB, 1024x768, DO YOU LIKE MY CAR.png)

My sleep cycle varies every 3 weeks.
Sometimes i sleep 5 hours other times it's 8 hours.

Nonetheless, i feel very exhausted no matter how much quantity of sleep i get (might be a motivation thing)
In weekdays i usually wake up after sleeping 2 hours and struggle to get to sleep again.


File: 1498663966150.png (120.63 KB, 335x335, 1478877166460.png)

>disability test was picking a pillow up, setting it on the floor, and then putting it back


This test is in such a sorry state of affairs it looks like it rewards people for lying.

Just like academia! One guy told the entire class he cheated in calculus. He got an A.


I have/had it.

One cause of CFS is stress, and that's what I believe caused mine. I'd had depression and anxiety issues for a long time. Neither of my two doctors bothered to look into this even after deciding I had CFS. They gave up pretty quickly. I was tired and sore pretty much all the time, and I would repeatedly catch colds and other infections which would last way longer than they should and within a few days of feeling over one I'd catch another.

The less stressed I become, the more my health's returning. Ever since I started meditating it's been decreasing and I've been feeling healthier and more energetic.

CFS is a very vague, wide reaching term that doesn't really seem to mean anything specific, though. It's more like a term doctors use when they give up. What worked for me may not work for you, but meditation helps you be comfortable with it whether you recover or not. A good diet and whatever exercise you can manage may help too.


>be 16
>dont give a fuck about anything except masturbating, watching anime, and playing video games
>drop out of school
>become NEET

i'm not depressed or mentally ill. i just don't want to work and i hate being around people. i have a fantastic life as a NEET.

where i live KFC opens at 10am and closes at 10pm. i usually wake up after 10pm and go to bed before 10am, so it's very rare that i get a chance to eat KFC. that's the only problem i have with my sleep schedule.



This is the same kind of thing I've been trying to do to reduce the exhaustion. Unfortunately I always only think about it, obsess about it, but never manage to actually DO it. Meditation, I mean. And exercise.

If only I could stop being such a lazy shit, maybe I could get something done in my life.


File: 1499029122868.gif (17.93 KB, 500x500, tumblr_nrso322aEE1ubbem5o1….gif)

It's far easier than you might be thinking it is. To start, all you have to do is just sit down and watch your breathing. That's all. You can have your eyes closed, or open if you're feeling sleepy.

Then all you do is keep watching the breath as it goes in and out. If you get distracted, you simply let go of the distraction and go back to the breath. The distracted mind is what you usually have, and it tires you out and gives you headaches. When you're only using your mind for the breath and letting go of everything else, the amount of energy you save and energy you GAIN is amazing. If a sense, in terms of whether to meditate or not, it's easier to meditate.

You're not sitting there striving for something. You're learning peacefulness, concentration and contentment by discovering what causes you even the most minute stress and how to notice and let go of it. Then as you progress further, those peaceful feelings just naturally intensify into complete bliss and ease.

Here's the first few chapters of a very accessible beginner's guide to breath meditation.

And here's a more in depth one if anybody's interested.


OP here, quick update. Looks like my hopes came true sooner than I thought. My parents have told me to be gone by Saturday. So, I'm going to see how long I can make it living in the mountains.

Best of luck to all of you & good night.


Oh shit, dude. Your parents are really going to kick you out for a medical condition? Look, buddy, find a relative or something. Don't you have any cousins or grandparents whose house you could stay at? Any friends who would be willing to take you in? Contact everybody you know. If worst comes to worse and you have to live in the mountains, do as much research as possible on how to not die out there. In the woods, a shelter does not mean house, it means place to sleep. There's my bit of advice when it comes to that. Man, that's really shitty. Don't drink still water, boil it first using rocks and a fire. I don't know how useful, it would be, but maybe this guy's videos can help?
There's annotations that can be enabled for more in-depth instructions. Ask if they'll give you at least a bit of money. Maybe you could use it to buy books on this stuff. Check back here often to see what other people have to say. There's still a chance that your parents will pussy out and let you stay.


Wow, you're fucked.


Where are you located anon? I may be able to give you more specific advice depending on where you are located



is me, i have cfs/me, i'm on federal disability (in the USA)

you have to apply and get rejected then appeal then get a hearing, and hopefully have the word of a reputable doctor like i had from the guy at Stanford Hospital's CFS department, also have a disability doctor who knows what CFS is

its hard anon, no cure sucks, im improving but most aren't


File: 1550195566967.png (257.05 KB, 900x700, 0d63edcde4f7670a181e8338f2….png)

Afraid to know if it's really CFS have the same symptom of it but also nerve pain, which has led to a diagnosis of fibromyalgia instead. Honestly doctors are the worst, but being trained to ignore exactly what patients know is wrong is in their nature, it only takes one good doctor to set you on knowing the difference. Life gets too overwhelming but you can make the best of it in your own way.

Also have stomach and gastrointestinal issues, waiting to get a colonoscopy and more blood tests. Though have had a stomach infection for six months.

It'd be nice to talk to someone to understands this kind of existence


Most people fail their initial disability application. What you do then is contact a disability lawyer. There are tons of them who will file your appeal for free and then just take a portion of your backpay as payment when you're approved. I have had a few friends do this.



The gov designs this shit to poor shame and disability shame. It's part of the strategy so that corporate heads can keep padding their pockets with our taxes instead of letting laws get written that actually improve the wellbeing of our people. That's ass OP, am sperg, had IEP in school and can't go outside without an anxiety attack and still can't get SSI.


Would reccomend you get a disability lawyer but they normally take their pay out of your benefit, find a local social services agency to help you, send your documentation and appeal the inevitable first rejection/denial.


I feel somewhat bad replying to an old post like this, (and really that as a whole is why, while I have browsed before I've never really posted on uboachan much) but, if you are here anon, what are the symptoms of your stomach infection and gastrointestinal issues? I thought that I might have IBS, and brought it up with my doctor last year. but I don't really eat much of the things that apparently cause IBS symptoms anyways, so, I've wondered if the issue is something else. It also feels like when I'll get cramps and diarrhea is completely random. I can eat fast food garbage and feel fine, but eat a home cooked meal and feel horrible after (although I think milk and coffee will pretty consistently make me sick). I've done blood tests for celiac and didn't have that. When I do have my episodes of cramps and diarrhea, my shit will have an "infection" sort of a smell for lack of a better term, normally it doesn't smell like that, only when I have an episode, which also makes me think it might not be IBS, but instead an infection or some other gastrointestinal issue. These bouts of cramps and diarrhea happen probably around once a week, every two at the most, so it's not an everyday thing, but when it does happen it lasts quite a long time. Maybe it really is just IBS and I'm being stupid about it.

If you did end up getting a colonoscopy and more bloodwork, I'd be curious to know how it went. I get you're not a doctor, but, maybe you'd have some sort of an idea of what might be wrong if my experinces are similar to yours.

I'm sorry for the long-winded post, and if other people with gastrointestinal issues want to chime in, by all means do so.


got some extra stool test but didn't get the colonoscopy and likely still need it. Ended up with a diagnosis and test of positive for Helicobacter Pylori after 6 months of false negatives, it might still be an infection in upper intestine.

IBS does not notmally have a distinct smell in the same way helicobacter pylori and colostrum difficile infections do, tests for those have high false negative rates so you may need to cease whatever treatment you take (proton pump inhibitor medication especiallY) in order to find out if you do have one of those

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