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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1480325981694.jpg (45.41 KB, 736x413, war.jpg)


What would happen if any of us honestly joined any branch of the military? Assuming we would simply pass any sanity tests (just pretend you cheat past it) and basic physical tests, what would happen?

I'm curious.


File: 1480341801813.jpg (1.71 MB, 2895x4093, 75e01d811ac0b10f0c570d1b46….jpg)

1- You will become "little sandy" and everyone will abuse you because you don't talk back, and don't react when insulted (basically HS again).
2- Your mates are actually cool, they understand you are a little weird but the team is the team, and everybody needs to cooperate and help each other. You all are men of the nation fighting to defend it even if it costs you your life, thus every single one deserves respect.
3- Nobody gives a fuck about you.

There was actually a guy who posted here a while back, he was in the Okinawa base (I think, I honestly don't remember). I don't know whether he was a neet before joining or not, but he had depression and problems to socialize, so he was a loner. I remember reading he said something like "even if some guys don't like me nobody has actively done/said something about me".


File: 1480397798242.jpg (9.95 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.999974561_9q20.jpg)


If you can physically handle the stress of basic without getting a dishonorable discharge or something, military would probably save a lot of people here.

You get fit, have basically zero living expenses, save some money, and after 4 years you get to go to college for free. Chair force and Navy will also make you go to technical school that will give you an immediately marketable skill.

I kind of wish I had just gone into the air force for 4 years when I was 18 tbh. I'd recommend it to anyone under 23 without a clear, real path ahead of them - provided they can physically handle going through relative hell for 4 years.

As for anyone actually afraid of combat, just enter the air force or navy. Provided you aren't a sub-90 IQ mongoloid you'll get in. And even if you were in the army, you're more likely to die in a car accident in the States than 'serving' in combat.



You have no idea how the Army is, let alone basic training. You have to literally be the chaddiest scum of the earth to endure it. Anybody with a shred of respect for themselves should avoid signing up like the plague.


Well great because I don't have any self-respect

Seriously considering this option though, even tho Im well aware Id probably have to get reasonably fit again before even enlisting.



Unless it's an officer career, the 'army' is basically a cage where society keeps its testosterone-laden scum so that it doesn't go around raping and killing decent people.

Unfortunately they can't be locked away forever, so after set years they have to be released. Hopefully in the meantime they gang raped enough comrades that they are no longer svage beasts, just beasts.

Source: lived next to a base for six years.


File: 1480416103607.jpg (58.54 KB, 800x800, Thinking-Emoji-Pillow.jpg)


I've known multiple people who have gone through military. One of the biggest virgin nerds I knew in HS who likely would have been on this board today got through Basic just fine, going so far as to rant about how if he could do it anyone can.

You're also deliberately avoiding my mention that anyone with a 90+ IQ can get into the much preferable Air Force or Navy.


Seek help.



Seek some new reaction images.


File: 1480466208775.jpg (6.62 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)


Being this pleb, ever.


File: 1480470843375.jpg (6.22 KB, 160x213, 1480463181731.jpg)

delet this


File: 1480496699446.png (529.95 KB, 693x823, mafurako.png)

Assuming I wouldn't be disqualified for my laundry list of mental diagnoses, that I would be able to get a waver for not meeting the height/weight requirements, and they didn't kick me out for being a trap…

I'd probably get hazed to hell and back in basic, at the very least. I might or might not get raped, but in one way or another I'd be abused so bad that I'd end up trying to kill myself.


I almost joined the military while I was living in a homeless shelter but it never really came to fruition, so I don't know.



For some reason, 'living the military life' is one of the most enduring fantasies / utopias / memes of the NEET world, and for the life of me I cannot understand why. It literally takes 5 mins inside a recruitment office to figure out how utterly miserable of an existance it would be to any NEET.


File: 1480649232114.jpg (244.78 KB, 850x803, 1471178987442-2.jpg)

I'm not sure of the answer to the OP question, how I would do, but I've been asking myself a question that would logically share the same answer: if I SHOULD do it.

That is, join the navy.

Some background. I turned 20 awhile ago, and am just finishing up my GED now.
I grew up isolated by my mother, herself a layabout who's embracing stagnation and mentally regressing all the while. Years ago I broke out just enough to get into shitty alt classes, educated myself, learned how to approach people and how to be social, basically–but I still feel an immense regret from already having wasted so much time, so much opportunity for experience, the satisfaction of having pushed myself into murky waters and still made out well. And while I might have some sudden epiphany that I need to move forward every so often, it feels like I'm trapped where I am, and by my own habits.

I know for a fact I have intelligence, some ability to get along well with people if I get out of my own head–but I end up barely having any drive because my situation has never asked much of me, never taught me to work or have drive. Which is crushing, because I KNOW I have potential to waste.

So I got a few jobs–retail crap I never kept because I'm anxious, get seen as moody, whatever. And even if I did hang onto that, what would it be for? To earn a couple bucks extra moving the same Chinese plastic in 6 years, or overseeing others doing the same? Who cares? And really, that's the only kind of thing there is around here. I live in a catpiss-stained shack on the border between a hick town and a forest.

Once I'm finished with my GED, I think I should either get into the job corps or navy. And it's not as if I want to be an electrician that badly. My worry, though, is, well, I'm both anxious and have a tendency to talk back to authority, be an edgy little shit. Which feels like a perfect storm that'd turn into self-corrosive acid in the service. But at the same time, I know I'd regret it decades later not having done something that the average person would be nervous about, not having challenged myself.

Besides, the only skill I've actually acquired so far is writing, and my best shit is autobiographical–I need to actually live. I feel like I've never done that. Besides, I like guns and want to be more fit anyway.

But then I hear my teacher talk about being from a southern town, having every made relative made a bitter piece of shit by it. Probably won't do you better if you're already that. And I don't know, I'm soft when it comes to anxiety, get angry.
And when my brother tells me the irony of talking about wanting to take control of my own life and yet wanting to become a cog, wanting subconsciously for an organization to "fix" you.

Meh. What's ubuu think?

Hello friend.


I already extensively explained why it's an enduring fantasy here: >>2298

Nobody has refuted my points, though I will concede that a literal trap would have to act normal.

Is four years of "hell" (which you will naturally acclimate to) to secure money/skills/employability really worse than a lifetime rotting away?

Hi Nomad/Spider. The Navy is gay, just like you, so it's a great fit.

Air Force is still better.

Also yes, unless you are actually able to write a book that gets published and sells, military sounds better than your current trajectory.

Do what you wanna do though.


If you joined the Air Force at 18 you would likely be ahead of where you are in terms of getting the job you want. Something that you're all overlooking is Air Force has a technical school component where you complete classes that will often be transferable as college credits.


Hello sev. The emote stuff is autistic. Pretending to be autistic for comedic effect is still autistic by the way.

And yeah, I think so too, thanks.




File: 1480662080146.png (10.34 KB, 128x128, 246809845498511361.png)


Go to bed, Chen or Linkuu


File: 1480666512000.jpg (45.95 KB, 227x227, Mafurako_by_jhmkhl4d292.jpg)

Do I know you or something?


File: 1480673022835.jpg (410.74 KB, 1600x1200, i118^cimgpsh_orig.jpg)

I thought so; perhaps not.

You just sounded exactly like someone I know and care about a lot. Which is a little surreal.

What kind of crazy are you, anon? Can't help but be curious.

Speaking of things are are way more curious than they should be: have a cat for your trouble.


File: 1480679310482.png (31.26 KB, 372x483, mafurako4.png)

I'm sort of an oldfag here at this point, so of course I know you as "Spider" at least, but not much more than that. I only recently started posting with this alias, so I don't think we've personally met. You're probably thinking of someone else.

>What kind of crazy are you, anon? Can't help but be curious.

I'm manic-depressive with OCD and severe AVPD, if you can believe that. My doctor thinks I may be something on the schizo spectrum as well, but it's not on paper as far as I know. Whatever you want to call me, I don't go outside unless I have to.


File: 1486658808153.jpg (1.8 KB, 125x125, 1410093077701.jpg)

Brasilian here, gonna start in march.

For what i can see, it´s gonna be a tough time.


File: 1486668935884.jpg (43.28 KB, 1008x720, coalgirls_serial_experimen….jpg)

i'm from Portugal, if i were to go to the military it would be Air Force, although i don't know if basic volunteers can be assigned as engineers or smth that's out of field.

quem vai msm para o Exército em vez da Naval ou das Forças Aéreas é louco, muito mais seguro ir para outros ramos do exército.


Someone else from Portugal here? Cool, but how?


File: 1486852264129.gif (908.57 KB, 250x212, 9b1.gif)

I've thought about joining the armed forces for a while.

If I was going out to fight for those I love and care for I might actually do it, but more and more these days it seems like I'd just be sent somewhere so a bunch of rich fuckfaces can get even more cash off oil or other plundered resources.

I guess that opinion disqualifies me from service.


File: 1486948530191.gif (424.11 KB, 248x300, sad animu.gif)

despite how bad i've heard every branch of the military is, i still wish i could join the navy. not having to worry about housing/income seems nice, even if i spend all my time doing menial tasks. plus, i think boot camp or maybe just military life in general could help me be less of a sack of shit. but alas, mental stuff and scars have me disqualified from ever enlisting.


I would never be able to join the military, mostly because I'm opposed to war and violence but also because I'm not suited for cold conditions. So even if I wanted to be in the military, I'd be against going into cold conditions.

That said, today at work I thanked a serviceman for his work in the military. I realized after years of me being thanked for my work for them, maybe I should be willing to thank those who served for me. I hate the concept of war but I respect those who joined the military. I don't really know where this sense of nationalistic pride is coming from, tbh.

So, if anyone here actually has served, thanks for your work.


File: 1486978179253.png (417.02 KB, 1014x1080, 1465795662709.png)

It's weird, i often gone into these sites and *chans thinking almost everyone is from the US or the UK.

I often lurk the internet and scoop up every nook and cranny to find related media.
I somehow ended up finding Yume Nikki and after looking up .flow on the internet for hours i found this place.


and your point being? do you want a medal? you're a newfag, at least learn some manner instead of bragging about it


File: 1487007855172.jpg (151.27 KB, 954x523, 1355241764588.jpg)

He was replying to a question other anon made him, no need to be so salty. Chances are you aren't even an oldfag either.


File: 1487008806571.jpg (14.57 KB, 480x360, 0.jpg)

i'm not a newfag (i frequented this site for 2 years), and i was replying to a post that had nothing to do with that.

it's just the first time im namefagging, that's all, even then i just mostly lurk.

i see no way im bragging and how im breaking manners by saying my view on assumed nationality when browsing chans.



Vou entrar no serviço militar obrigatório, anão, HUE.


i'm gunna be a drone pilot when i grow up so i hope i'm gunna not die


Combat medic here, just graduated from AIT, i can say that joining the army as a reservist not active is probably the best course for most of the NEETs here. yeah training is hard, but just hard enough to make you into a soldier. After you graduate you go home and can get a fairly simple job with low responsibility really easy since you have a military background now. I got a job as a security guard with absolutely no experience a month after graduating, now i just sit around at home when not on shift watching anime and shit, its actually pretty great of a life


my life isn't going anywhere and I've been really thinking about joining the military desu
problem is my SPD probably wouldn't make me able to fire a gun properly and I'm a weak beta that can't do 5 push ups without having to stop
basically I'm not cut out for the military but I want to join because it'll mean I have something to do with my life what should I do


>I want something to do
get a hobby brudder. like doing pottery or cooking but going into the military will get your ass killed. There is tons of dangerous equipment and stuff they handle and people like you are the ones who usually have the type of luck that leads to having accidents with those things.

You can always do voluntary work in your local soup kitchen or caritas organisation if you seek self fulfillment. There is a reason why people make you go through the recruitation process. THey need to weed out the weak ones who would be a liability on the battle field


File: 1527055057682.jpg (67.71 KB, 500x500, d813a28d6de73b14dcbc4523d6….jpg)

still no hobbies
depression was previously unclear (i.e. I thought I may have had it but I wasn't certain if it was serious enough to qualify as 'depression') but now it's undeniably there and it's quite serious
I previously didn't particularly wish to exist but wasn't suicidal, I'm struggling to find a proper reason to continue to live
also no fucking way can I join the army, the career path for bottom of the barrel failures
guess what I'm saying is it's only getting worse and I really don't know what to do


also I applied for voluntary work at my library but they didn't show up for the interview so that helped


I have diagnosed PTSD in my medical record (childhood trauma) and I have no doubt I would never be accepted into the military. My ADD and anxiety disorder probably would not get me blacklisted but the PTSD for sure would




I went to Join the French foreign Legion once. It was quite enlightening as one realizes how much they actually value their own time and hobbies.


I enlisted in the Marines a few years back. My personality did one helluva shift. I've become some sort of cross between an introvert and extrovert. But being in the A-type personality environment can be really stressful. It took me about a year to adjust I suppose.


haha, they recruited me and I flunked at the recruitment test
>sorry anon, we have nothing to offer to you
I am literally too much of a piece of biological waste to even become cannon fodder


>canon fodder
Soldiers aren't just canon fodder. They're trained, can be very effective individually, and have potential for upward mobility.



the legion interests me also but the process of signing up seems tough - are you really fit and did you have a solid reason to join?

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