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File: 1324605849160.png (30.69 KB, 320x240, densen.png)


For some reason I can access the files for .flow, and I've found a few strange things in them. One of those things is this image. Another is the sound file called "wwww.wav". In this file we hear one voice attempting the kaibutsu giggle, and another voice in the background, talking. Does anyone on this board know what the voice is saying? Is it even Japanese?


Nobody knows actually, but there will be some people around soon who will try to explain you that it's in english…


I've heard that wwwww.wav is Smile talking.
Here's a vid with that file, amplified. It's pretty obvious it's English, at least to me.

As for densen.png, I'm sure I've seen it used somewhere, but I have no idea. Maybe in an old version, I can't remember.


File: 1324609438209.png (35.13 KB, 637x476, flow_oldroof.png)

I don't think the exact image itself has ever been used, but a variation was used in this area in ver.0.04.


File: 1324609521121.png (26.36 KB, 335x240, densen2.png)

Here's the specific file that was used there.


If I remember correctly, that image is still used as a slow-moving background somewhere around the body area (or maybe one of the maps with Oreko's stuff?). I'll check it later.


From what I've been reading on lol's interview-like site, in Japanese, "wwww" is like "lol" in English, internet slang for "laughing"…
So I guess we still have evidence for that Smile = lol theory? Seeing as wwww.wav is Smile's sound effect. And lol has stated in some interviews that the originaldesign for Sabi later became Sister, who is like a daughter to him.


pleaspleaseplease upload it somewhere I'm begging you.


Thanks, everyone! I should have realised it was Smile, not the Kaibutsu laughing. XD Still, I'm not really feeling the English explanation… it doesn't sound like English to me. Not sure if it sounds like Japanese either though :/ If only I knew the language!


I second this! PSI please give us a download of your V0.04.


Here ya go: http://www.mediafire.com/?8yjoup1ggll8193
I also have ver.0.05, so: http://www.mediafire.com/?bffsf6sy1poht9s
(I actually got ver.05 from somewhere on old Uboachan's media/uploads board… I think.)


oh gosh thank you


This is in v0.10… I alwats thought that file was for that weird guy with the top hat you find and then vanishes after you interact with him… after listening again… LOL STOP MESSING WITH OUR MINDS!


What are you talking about?


You all probably know this already, but "w" is the japanese equivalent of "lol"


I downloaded both versions 0.4 n' 0.5 but neither of them seems to run, when i run the exe. with the applocale pops up an error. any suggestion?


>it doesn't sound like English to me.
You know that speaking English phrases doesn't automatically give lol an accent coherent to English speakers, right? Have you ever heard someone who doesn't know English try to speak English? Let's just say it tends to be a bit difficult to understand.



And have you ever thought about why should he try to talk english when the whole game is in Japanese?

Honestly guys, it can be anything.


I don't hear English at all. I hear Japanese-sounding words that sound like English words, but not actual English.


Yes, I have thought about that, quite a bit, in fact, because lol is totally obsessed with the English language, knows barely anything about it, and wants to understand English as badly as half of the weeaboos on sites like this want to know Japanese. You would know this if you had seen anything that he has posted outside of .flow updates.

Considering lol's obsession with English, the speculation that Smile may be an author-avatar character, and the fact that "wwww" plays when you interact with Smile, it doesn't surprise me in the least that the audio clip would be full of Engrish.

lol uses machine translation constantly to communicate with English-speaking fans. It wouldn't surprise me at all if he had typed a sentence into Google translate, translated it into English, listened to the audio playback, and recorded himself imitating it (terribly) to use as a voice for Smile.

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