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Could someone ask lol on Twitter about the Kaibutsu's gender? At the very least, so we don't have to deal with the incorrect rumors floating about anymore. And it would be nice to have the subject cleared up anyway.

I would do it myself, but I don't have a Twitter, nor do I understand any Japanese.


Here, I tweeted him this.
Sorry, my japanese is pretty trash atm.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who uses 僕 instead of 俺.
Even when I'm old enough for it, I don't feel it fits me at all.

By the way, I don't see anything wrong with your message though my Japanese isn't really that great either. I wonder if lol will answer, though, because, since he never cleared this up, he probably likes to leave it uncertain.


Supposedly there was an interview with lol where they stated all of them are female. However, I can't find the source of such claims.

Evidence in-game to back this up is that they're all clearly wearing skirts when compared to other male characters such as Smile and the doctor.

As someone who's been hanging around since super early versions, all three of them were seen as female up until the Bar Event was added and people often mistook the Kaibutsu there for a boy, and thus nicknamed him Gabe.

Pigtails is always drawn female and the third is considered either gender, or sometimes neither gender.

So in short: all three are girls in canon but it won't stop the fans from having their fun.


Pretty sure that interview thing was made-up.

Why did people start thinking the bar Kaibutsu was a boy if they thought the rest of them were girls, though? That seems pretty weird to me.


File: 1421814864307.png (8.26 KB, 288x256, kaibutu2.png)

I think it was due to an askblog on tumblr at the time. Or maybe the askblog just popularized the name Gabe. That and male fanart from pixiv obscures the issue.


So Lol replied.
Gomennasai. Sore wa iemasen.
Sorry. That I can not tell.



Well, so much for that. It was worth a shot, though.


Hmm, just like I thought, he likes to leave it uncertain.



Hmm. I see. I suppose they want to be respectful and keep it ambiguous so fans can do what they please. Perhaps they don't want to nullify any existing fanart? I still like them as all girls. Well actually, I like at least one being a guy, too…

The only other reason I can think of is they're planning something and it's spoilers. But that's highly unlikely.


That's what I thought, too, though not so much for spoiler reasons.

I highly prefer them as all girls myself, mostly because I'm biased. Given that the different genders generally seek other people of the same/similar gender as company, it just makes more sense to me in a way. And it sort of fits into how .flow generally prefers female NPCs over male ones. (The only obvious male NPCs I can think of are Smile and the doctor, compared to how many distinctly female NPCs?)

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