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File: 1407459688773.jpg (Spoiler Image, 158.26 KB, 1341x480, flow1.jpg)


I was casually playing .flow today, then pic happened

I don't really remember this white labyrinth.

That leads to a… blue Oreko lab?


File: 1407459765786.jpg (Spoiler Image, 76.27 KB, 1341x480, flow2.jpg)

and then…

what is this place…


File: 1407459858702.jpg (Spoiler Image, 24.6 KB, 645x480, flow3.jpg)


…holy shit WHAT THE FUCK


File: 1407460047805.jpg (148.43 KB, 1313x480, flow4.jpg)

Is that place new in 0.18 or something? because I'm now sure I've never been there before.

And one last pic

Going back from there, I somehow ended up in the school.

First time I noticed Tattoo effect gives Sabi some kind of… shoulder tattoo? wound? rust?


How did you get to the White Labyrinth?


I believe these areas are new to 0.18


ah yes orphan bodies on swinging hooks. it's a classic


How did you get there?



This video shows how to get to the Dead Hole (as people are apparently calling it). Like several other things introduced in 0.18, this seems to be helpfully mentioned nowhere at all on the wiki.

One oddity of note: The video calls it a Rust event, but if OP is to be believed, he got there as Sabitsuki (given the presence of effects). On the other hand, OP is apparently not being led there (unlike in the video), so perhaps it's like the Corrupted School in that there are differences depending on if you visit as Rust or Sabitsuki.


I'm OP of this thread

Interesting video. Yes, I went there as Sabitsuki, I didn't even have all the effects.

If I remember right, the were several new blue areas in the Industrial Maze. I think I went there from the white area, where you find Monoko's effect. I activated the mark that allows you to wander freely on the white void, out of the hallways, and ended up in the white place in my first picture.

As you can see in the second part of my first pic, it leads to a blue area that is different than the one shown in the video. This is the left-most part of the maze.

The way to the Dead Hole is in the right-most part, another blue area.

Also, as far as I've noticed, there's only one difference between Sabi and Rust's versions of the area:
Oreko's ghost only appears if you are Rust.

So I guess it means Oreko is no more, after you turn into Rust.
I think she either died, or she turned into the homeless girl outside the Dead Hole (Charlotte was her name?), and she threw her iconical suit into the trashyard.


File: 1416009994744.png (3.38 KB, 288x256, イベント17.png)

It's called Dead Hole in the files. Oreko's world is called Blue Hole in the chipset. Lots of interesting things in the files.
Eh, "Charlotte" (she has no name in the charset and I'm not sure if lol has ever named her publicly) has pink hair. The girl that seems to be a younger Oreko has light brown hair.

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