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Oekaki is back!!!
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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Madotsuki! 🎉🎉🎉

File: 1354447418386.png (406.7 KB, 615x651, dreamdiary.png)


I've been lurking uboachan for a while so I figured I might as well post some of my art.
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File: 1354456775351.png (482.3 KB, 704x528, tumblr_mea59tKA7i1rpiitso1….png)

Really rad art! I really like your madotsukis.


File: 1365036728116.png (348.06 KB, 842x746, yn.png)

I haven't drawn any yume nikkis in a long while but here are some messy sketches out of a bunch that I hope to put together for a parody image I have planned.

Thank you!! You have some really rad stuff too!


File: 1365036886340.png (391 KB, 701x926, taokaka trans.png)

I guess I couls post some not Yume Nikki stuff too


File: 1365037044829.png (201.19 KB, 1428x512, evolution_of_simon_by_yumi….png)

Also I'm up for a few Yume Nikki related requests if anyone wants one!!


nice things.

So… whatever we want? What about Mado in towel effect?

File: 1364615844047.png (3.48 MB, 2480x3507, Yume Nikki Group.png)


I don't really know how to use imageboard-sites because I suck but here's hoping I do this right?


its pretty neat

File: 1364541412538.png (6.4 KB, 96x74, UnusedMados.png)


What's up Artistry, lets do something fun!
Lets come up with some Dreamworld inhabitants for the 3 unused effects in Yume Nikki. Maybe try to set them up with a name, backstory, or even a theory on how Mado could've bumped into them?

I'd figure we could come up with a blindfold monster or something? Try and make it as Kikiyama as possible!

File: 1335663966633.jpg (76.68 KB, 1000x1000, 6.jpg)


drew this on /a/ so might as well share it here.


its pretty cool :3



File: 1328267825573.png (470.22 KB, 850x800, Yume Nikki.png)


I figured I might as well stop lurking and actually post something for once.
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these are some great pieces of artwork, and i would be honored to see more of it please!


What happened to Allyson?


I like this one a lot, it is a thing!


File: 1358917290757.png (247.25 KB, 600x600, YN Cover.png)



File: 1364170630579.png (3.46 KB, 243x236, IMG_24032013_171519.png)


Hi! I just played Yume Nikki and found this imageboard. Here's some fanart I drawed.


Welcome, don't touch our frozen frogs


File: 1364172939893.png (35.52 KB, 780x418, Untitled.png)



File: 1362088597430.png (1007.42 KB, 736x892, hdefuefeufefhh.png)


give me requests
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File: 1362627755867.png (1.24 KB, 104x48, box chan.png)

C-could I maybe get some box-chan?

I don't have much to show outside her sprite; there aren't many pictures of her


ok ill draw box-chan tomorrow I'm about to sleep now


Ahhhhh!!! Thank you so much!!!!


File: 1362686199192.png (3.11 MB, 1312x1352, nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.png)



Eeheehee thank you! >w<

File: 1354472740260.png (12.1 KB, 412x279, URODUTSKISUKIS.png)


Let's have one of those threads where you draw Yume Nikki/fangame characters with your eyes closed.
>supposed to be Urotsuki
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File: 1354496837904.png (30.29 KB, 863x603, I tried drawing Madotsuki ….png)



File: 1354546036100.png (8.95 KB, 600x600, itried.png)



File: 1360349122594.jpg (21.82 KB, 320x480, image.jpg)

….My masterpiece!


File: 1360350065172.png (38.63 KB, 736x984, ohgodhwathashappened.png)

i tried to sabitsuki and its a pretty great sabitsuki


File: 1362441056910.png (7.52 KB, 383x368, poniko.png)


File: 1352690670437.png (93.43 KB, 800x600, booger.png)


Booger-chan being as cool as she can be


File: 1352691486556.png (77.35 KB, 800x600, toothpaste.png)

The toothpaste incident


Never talk about the toothpaste incident.
[spoiler]Though I love you for this.[/spoiler]


File: 1356409986409.png (108.99 KB, 640x480, cowboy vs draculat.png)

A cowboy on a pirate ship

FIghting dracula with a towel/blanket


File: 1359604248669.png (395.41 KB, 1600x1200, neko knight.png)

"The Neko must return."
"What if she doesn't exist any more?"
"She must."

File: 1357622988981.png (2.49 KB, 160x160, Merida.png)


In this thread, I want to share drawings I made using my DS.
I just saw Brave, so I tried drawing Merida. Maybe I'll get better with practice.
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File: 1358300428286.png (2.7 KB, 160x160, Bunz.png)

Attempted portrait of the cat.


File: 1358414065649.png (1.87 KB, 160x160, Lake.png)

View across a lake with mountains in the distance.


You should use dark colours to do shadows (and so) make the draw nicer.
Just see where the light comes from, and put some dark colours in the opposite direction.
That will improve your draws.


I'll try that. So far, I'm just trying to get used to the rather large limitations of DSiPaint, and the small screen. I think I'm getting better, little by little, but part of the reason I'm posting these is to get advice and criticism, so thanks.


File: 1359251019046.png (1.63 KB, 160x160, Batman.png)

The goddamn Batman. This pic is inspired by a panel I really liked in a recent issue, where Batman is surrounded by enemies carrying torches. I loved the way the torchlight reflected off his suit in the original, and that's what I tried to do here. I also tried to incorporate more shadow, like >>1940 said. I'm not very happy with the result, but I'll practice more.

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